{Short Trip} : Sunda Kelapa Harbor

One of thing I like to do with my friends is having a short and -off course- a cheap one. It’s kinda hard to have that short trip lately. Mostly because of my new schedule of work which makes me have to work on Sunday.

1st week of January 2017 we finally had a chance to go out so we did. Sunda Kelapa Harbor was the destination. For me personally it was like walking down to high school memory lane. I was attending Vocational School, majoring in Tourism. So we often having a sight seeing tour around Jakarta and Sunda Kelapa is always on the list.

This 500-years old harbor was belong to Kingdom of Tarumanegara but on the 12th century it was under Kingdom of Sunda which transformed Sunda Kelapa into an important harbor in Java. Not only for Indonesian’s merchant from Palembang, Malacca or Makasar,  but also for Portugese, Chinese, Arab and Indian. Some of the items traded here are spices and gold.

In 1527 around 1,452 soldiers from Cirebon and Demak appeared before Sunda Kelapa under the leadership of Jayakarya. He conquered Kingdom of Sunda, and since that change the name of Sunda Kelapa into Jayakarta which means “Complete Victory.” The reason of the attack was because Demak saw the relationship Sunda and Portugese as a threat for the nation.


Now Sunda Kelapa is not the main harbor of Jakarta. Tanjung Priok already taken away that important role. This harbor only serve local fleet around Indonesia. However, considering its historical value, Sunda Kelapa now functioned as Historical site along with some other historical building around it such As Bahari Museum and Fatahillah Museum.

Nowadays people visited Sunda Kelapa in search for vintage background for photoshoot, including pre-wed photoshoot. What can be more perfect that a row of colorful Pinisi, rusty old-container and a clear-blue sky?!




A little tips, don’t forget to bring enough water. It’s so hot out there.




{Life List}: Welcome to Jogja (again)

This is a super duper late post.

I suppose to write this months a go. Well.. like people said, better late than never ^^. Let me start it with writing about our ‘Jogja Day-1’.

So last year I went to visit Jogja with some friends. Since one of the girl couldn’t make it, I became the prettiest among 3 man and I like it 😀

We went with ‘Progo‘ -economy-class train- which depart from Senen Station. I remember that I almost missed the train because of some silly stuff like ‘I forget to order Ojek which suppose to take me and one of my friend to the nearest train station ‘. Luckily we could make it on time. Yeaayy!!

We arrived on the next morning. So.. welcome to Lempuyangan Station.


FYI, during our visit we stayed at Deep Purple Homestay. Super Cheap but clean. Very suitable for backpacker. You can choose between room with AC or fan (we’re run out of AC-room) plus you can rent a motorcycle here. This home stay was perfect for us who went out early in the morning and got back super late just for sleep.

So this was my room looked like; a bed, TV, fan (near the window) and HUGE map of Jogjakarta and an extra bed which I ordered before I knew Eva wouldn’t join us.


After cleaning our self we went to the nearest  object, Taman Sari Water Castle.


The Entrance Gate which actually The Back Gate

See that small window, our guide said that in the past, from that small window, Sultan will look down to and see all of the wives then he will throw Kembang Kantil to the wive he wanted to spent a time with.




Okay, I have to stop it here. Duty calls. Will continue this story again soon.

See ya!


Kebun Raya Bogor

Oct 25, 2015

IIt was Sunday, two of my good friend came to my house; picked me up and took me to Kebun Raya Bogor.

You can some of the pictures I took. However, if you wanna read a complete story, please visit my friend’s blog TUMbLER.


picture of meandmyspicylife


picture of meandmyspicylife

picture of meandmyspicylife

picture of meandmyspicylife


The Crystal of Knowledge

Can you see that building over there? Behind the trees, across the lake?? It called The Crystal of Knowledge. The library of Indonesian University.


picture of meandmyspicylife

We went there last Saturday because of some simple reason. First, looking for inspiration for our paper. Second, because we just had enough of mall and hang out in mall. So why don’t we visit a library?! I mean, few months back we visited Freedom Library and we really enjoyed there.

We went there with commuter line and then just walked from the station to the library complex. Inside, we walked around from one book shelf to another, searched for inspiration. And we found it!!


picture of meandmyspicylife

It came from a thesis which written in 1969. It was amazing. The writer wrote it with a type writer. You know, like you saw in old movies. You can recognize it from the font. What’s amazing that it was typed neatly. He even managed to create all of the table and column with that. How awesome is that?!

Unfortunately we only had about an hour. Yeahh we were late. What can I say, we didn’t plan it to go there. It was last minute decision. A best decision actually.

Hopefully we can visit again soon enough. With full formation of course.


picture of meandmyspicylife

Do you like visiting library?