{Life List}: Welcome to Jogja (again)

This is a super duper late post.

I suppose to write this months a go. Well.. like people said, better late than never ^^. Let me start it with writing about our ‘Jogja Day-1’.

So last year I went to visit Jogja with some friends. Since one of the girl couldn’t make it, I became the prettiest among 3 man and I like it ūüėÄ

We went with ‘Progo‘ -economy-class train- which depart from Senen Station. I remember that I almost missed the train because of some silly stuff like ‘I forget to order Ojek which suppose to take me and one of my friend to the nearest train station ‘. Luckily we could make it on time. Yeaayy!!

We arrived on the next morning. So.. welcome to Lempuyangan Station.


FYI, during our visit we stayed at Deep Purple Homestay. Super Cheap but clean. Very suitable for backpacker. You can choose between room with AC or fan (we’re run out of AC-room) plus you can rent a motorcycle here. This home stay was perfect for us who went out early in the morning and got back super late just for sleep.

So this was my room looked like; a bed, TV, fan (near the window) and HUGE map of Jogjakarta and an extra bed which I ordered before I knew Eva wouldn’t join us.


After cleaning our self we went to the nearest  object, Taman Sari Water Castle.


The Entrance Gate which actually The Back Gate

See that small window, our guide said that in the past, from that small window, Sultan will look down to and see all of the wives then he will throw Kembang Kantil to the wive he wanted to spent a time with.




Okay, I have to stop it here. Duty calls. Will continue this story again soon.

See ya!



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