Hibernation I guess.

Gosh how I missed this place. How I missed blog-walking to lots of amazingly awesome blogs. Still can’t write much tough. So I just wanna post my creation during this so called-temporary hibernation. For complete stories of these projects, just visit my CubbyKnot.


See you when I see you.



Prabu’s Beanie

~Late Post

This was my very first project in 2016. Simple project actually. A beanie for my best friend’s nephew.

She asked me to crochet a beanie for him to wear especially for Friday Pray. Actually when he was born I gave him a set of my creation. The beanie still fit and he became his fave hat especially for Friday pray.

Long story short, his aunty who is my best friend wanted another one. I came up with the idea to sew his name on the beanie so in case he got lost -you know how kids sometime play around and missed their parents- around the mosque, he can be recognized through his beanie.


What do you think?