My Pray for You

Dear You,

It’s been been quite a journey so far.

You’ve been through so many ups and down. Bitter and sweet yet never sour.


Allow me to pray just for you.

I pray that you’ll smile more often. I pray that you trust yourself. Enough to make decisions with clear mind and objectivity. I pray for your heart. May it never turn to stone. I pray for your existence. May you never hurt and belittle other. I pray for your soul. May you alway have the ability to see the kindness in others. I pray for your inner child. May she knows that she always be loved. No matter what.

Dear You,

The girl in the mirror. May you always have your faith in Allaah. Now and forever.

With Love,

Me. Your reflection in the mirror.


Just Enjoy ..

Grey cloud hanging. Rain pouring from the sky while people walk in a hurry. Hoping that no raindrop will reach them. People and not me. No need to hurry, I can’t stop it anyway. Rain will keep pouring no matter how fast I try to walk.

So here I am. Standing .. breathing .. enjoying the cold air.

No need to hurry …

Just enjoy it.




A Glimpse to The Past


2016  left me with so many stories and lessons.

I’ve lost a man who I considered as my dad | Disconnected myself from those who LOVE drama in their life. Hard, but enough is enough. | Some changes at the office and caused me a new assignment -which I still try to cope with- | Having a side-job which I kinda love | Read less than I planned -will do better this year- | … and more

… above all,

2016 taught me about Loving myself. Loving myself is not really easy. Somehow.. my brain always found something ugly about me. I’m too fat, too curious. Or something like.. no one will love me because I’m poor. Things like that. 2016 taught me -again and again- that it was silly.

As I love myself, I find that it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Not because I don’t care about others, but because after all the hard work -and maybe-, all of the sacrifices I made, I need a day out. A time out. Simply to take a rest and refill my energy before I continue this journey.

I learn that it’s okay to step away from person or situation that bring so much negativity into my life. Not because I hated them but simply because I LOVE myself more.

So.. that was my 2016. I believe  that all the lesson, the ups and downs, the laugh and tears had shaped me into a better version of me.

And I believe that 2017 will bring another lesson and stories.


May Your Dream Come True

Few days a go I received a message from one of my friend. It was unusual since we haven’t talk for quite sometime. She’s busy with her baby.. I’m busy with my own world and somehow we just stop talking.

So, she messaged me just to show me this. A bunch of crochet project. All of these was some stuff she crochet based on order. And that day, she showed me these to thanked me, since I was the one who introduce her to crochet.

Eka Handmade

She said that she was embarrassed because she can only made this, while I was so happy looking at this pic. I just teach her the basic stitches. Only stitches and look what she made. What makes me even happier is that she can earn some money from this. All of the stuff in that picture was orders which definitely bring some money for her.

I remember that she use to say that she wants to earn money to help his husband whose working as an office boy in one of private bank. She wants to earn money to help her parents. I really really hope that she can reach her dreams. I really do.