{Life List}: A Non-Fiction Workshop

Let me start it with a nice quote on pinterest.



I love learning and get very excited when ever I had an opportunity to learn something new -especially for free. For me, it doesn’t matter if at the end I didn’t like it. Its the willingness to learn and the effort to enjoy the process that matters.

Last Saturday, I joined a short workshop on non-fiction writing. A friend of mine informed me about the workshop and I just signed up. No hesitation at all. I even forgot that I had it on my life list. Turned out that I wrote about Joining a writing course there. Its amazing how universe brought me to fill my forgotten list. I just feel the need of going out and having new experience.

So.. the workshop was held in Millenia Book Store -never been there before-, a not so big book store (comparing to Gramedia) but somehow I like the air of the store itself. The speaker/mentor of the event was Said Al-Khudry aka. @profesorcintaid, the author of ‘Pacaran Mulu, Kapan Putusnya??’. I honestly haven’t read the book but at least I already have it now. Will definitely read it after finish reading my on -going one.


The workshop was fun and exciting. We watched  this video before starting the workshop (I recommend you to watch it). I even got a notebook for giving my opinion about it. Then we talked about the definition of non-fiction itself before we go deeper into material on premise, writer’s block and writing techniques. What make it more fun is that we had a chance to practice. Yup. We practiced how to create a premise, how to write a paragraph from 3 words given and basic knowledge on Mind Mapping. I remember that I have read a book about Mind Mapping from Tony Buzan years ago. Seems that I have to read it again 😉

As in my personal opinion, above all the given material, I got new knowledge on how a script turn into a book -since the moderator was from Mizan Publishing who explain a lot about it. I learnt that every one (actually) has the probability to be a writer. No matter their background is. The important is, to be consistent in what they’re doing. I think almost every successful person done it. Consistent.

In that case I will take a baby step for myself. I challenge myself to (at least) post twice a week on March 2017. *fingercrossed




{Life List}: 250 and more ..

Good morning from cloudy Jakarta.

I was checking on my life list and found about posting 250 post on this blog. Totally forget when I wrote it but really excited to check whether I already achieve it or not.

Tadaaaaa …


I’ve reached 278 post so far. And surely will add some more.

Hmm.. is it the right time to set another goal??


{Life List}: Welcome to Jogja (again)

This is a super duper late post.

I suppose to write this months a go. Well.. like people said, better late than never ^^. Let me start it with writing about our ‘Jogja Day-1’.

So last year I went to visit Jogja with some friends. Since one of the girl couldn’t make it, I became the prettiest among 3 man and I like it 😀

We went with ‘Progo‘ -economy-class train- which depart from Senen Station. I remember that I almost missed the train because of some silly stuff like ‘I forget to order Ojek which suppose to take me and one of my friend to the nearest train station ‘. Luckily we could make it on time. Yeaayy!!

We arrived on the next morning. So.. welcome to Lempuyangan Station.


FYI, during our visit we stayed at Deep Purple Homestay. Super Cheap but clean. Very suitable for backpacker. You can choose between room with AC or fan (we’re run out of AC-room) plus you can rent a motorcycle here. This home stay was perfect for us who went out early in the morning and got back super late just for sleep.

So this was my room looked like; a bed, TV, fan (near the window) and HUGE map of Jogjakarta and an extra bed which I ordered before I knew Eva wouldn’t join us.


After cleaning our self we went to the nearest  object, Taman Sari Water Castle.


The Entrance Gate which actually The Back Gate

See that small window, our guide said that in the past, from that small window, Sultan will look down to and see all of the wives then he will throw Kembang Kantil to the wive he wanted to spent a time with.




Okay, I have to stop it here. Duty calls. Will continue this story again soon.

See ya!


{Life List}: A Week Without Coffee

Every day is a perfect day for COFFEE

That line works for me very well. Coffee has been my good friend over the years. It never fails me in anyway. Yet, I wrote in my LifeList, for breaking up with coffee for 7 days. Can you imagine that?! Seven days without coffee? With no caffeine at all during the day? Seems unbelievable for me.


I did it! 7 days without coffee at all.

It wasn’t easy that for sure. I felt anxious on the 1st and 2nd day. Nothing seemed right. It was like something’ missing but I didn’t know what. Hmm.. maybe I knew after all. I missed my coffee >.<

On 3rd and 4th day, things were a little bit better. No more anxious BUT I was craved for snack. I just wanted to chew something. I bought salty snack like chips and and Indonesian snack called Peyek, but it couldn’t satisfied me at all. So I just let it be. No more snacking for nothing.


I was okay. Finally. No more anxious, no more craving for salty snack. I just love to sat quietly in the pantry (while at work) and just smell the aroma of fresh coffee. Oh yes, there was a time where I took my laptop and work from that comfy sofa in the pantry. If I couldn’t taste it with my mouth, at least I could fed my brain with its aroma.

November 10, 2015

My best friend was called me just in time. She wanted to meet me after work. It’s been a while since the last time we meet. Hmm.. talking while drinking my 1st coffee (after 7 days of breaking up) seems a good plan.

I actually wanted a cup of black coffee from our local bean like Aceh Gayo (my fave) or maybe Bali Kintamani but my BFF wanted someplace near because we met after work and she wanted to eat first. So we choose this mall near my office. And after she finished her dinner, we went straight to this coffee-shop called JAVABEAN.

The 1st sip was GREAT. It was like falling in love again with coffee.

Well…actually it was GREAT from the very 1st sip until the very last one.


Have you ever breaking up with coffee??


{Life List}: A Night with My Bestiest

Sometimes, sharing a bowl of oreo pudding with your BEST FRIEND, is all therapy that you need.

That’s what we did last August. Me and my best friend, sitting on the floor in our hotel room while sharing a bowl of oreo pudding. We talked alot, laughed alot, and definitely eat alot.

All started months before, when we came up with the idea of checking in in a hotel, just two of us. Celebrating ourselves. Well… celebrating the courage that we never thought we had. For me, resigning from my previous work was a big step. For her, ending an unhealthy relationship, was a big step. We’re taking a step from our comfort zone without knowing what will happen in the future. However, we learnt alot during the process. Along the process we laughed, cried, stumbled, crawled and finally we managed to stand up again. Despite that there’s always someone who make annoying comments and even judging us without really know nor care what we feel deeps inside. It’s over now and we’re doing okay.

After what we’ve been through, we deserve a reward, right?

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{Life List}: Have My Hair Dyed

In my daily life, I wear hijab which cover my head, hair and around it. I’ve been wearing it since quite a long time now. And since I decided to do so, some of my friend (moslem and non moslem) tend to think that I don’t have to worried about my hair. Every time they found out that I wanna have my hair cut, they will raise their eyebrow and ask: ‘Why? No one would see it anyway.’


Sometimes it’s annoying. I mean, even though no one would see it in my daily life like at work or mall BUT I DO see it every time I take it off when I’m at home or when I take wudhu or at least when ever I wanna fix my hijab. You can call me selfish, but since this is my hair, so obviously my opinion is important than others.

I’m still trying to LOVE myself unconditionally especially after listening to Louise Hay in youtube few month a go. But even in the past, when I complained a lot about myself, criticized myself, there’s still a part of me who believe that I’m the one who have to please myself.

When ever I have my hair cut, it’s because I want it and feel happy about it. Same goes with have my hair dyed. I wanna give it a try since I NEVER did it. I did it for myself, for my own happiness. That new hair was to pay off my curiosity. Even though I only dyed it with the almost same color tone of my real hair and still try gather my strength to dyed it in bold color or something totally different with my own hair. All of that effort was and will be for myself and not just to please others.

I remember few months a go I watched a local movie titled “Kapan Kawin” or with you try to translated in English it might say “When Will You Get Married”. In one of scene the Male Actor said to the Female that if you wanna give a check to someone, make sure that you have the money in your account. If you wanna make someone happy then you HAVE to be happy first. How come you expect others to be happy if you, yourself feeling the opposite way. So, even with this hijab on my head, I deserve to be happy with my hair. I have right to do everything I need to make me feel happy about myself. Including have my hair dyed even though no one will ever see it. I can see it and that’s enough.