My Crochet Story

Inspired by one of post in jadeybirdcrochet so today I wanna share about my crochet story. Here we go ….


I knew crochet years ago. I learned it from my grandma or Yangti. A short for Eyang Putri -that’s how most of Javanese called their grandma-. Back then, I was a boyish little gal who loves climbing on a tree instead of playing with dolls. I love playing with boys instead of gals because for me, gals was so irritating. Well, they do cry a lot. I got lots of spank on my butt because I didn’t want to take a nap. Boy I was so naughty as a kid. Both my parents were worker so I spend most of my times with Yangti, my half Dutch half Indonesian grandma. I thanked GOD for that.

She’s totally the kind of grandma, that you wish to be when you’re grown up. A good cooker, baker, crafter just name it. Seems that she has a magic wand which make magical things happen around the house. From delicious food on the table, up to beautiful rose in our tiny garden. Not only that, but she’s also a good listener, wise by nature, and ultimate supporter for every crazy ideas you have in mind.topi

Long story short…

She was the one who teach me how to crochet with the only yarn I know back then. Wool. I crocheted doily for my 1st lesson and somehow, I always pull the yarn too tight so what I got was a crinkle or puffy doily instead of a flat one. Yangti never gave up on me. She taught me one row at a time until I finally made a flat doily. I supposed Barbie is always a fave figure doll for every gal. Even a boyish gal like me, wanted at least one barbie doll. When my mommy refused to buy me a one, Yangti teach me how to crochet a barbie dress along with its accessories such as bag and summer hat. We made it in various colors and then she gave me an idea to sell it to my school mates. FYI, We use a fake barbie as mannequin. Within a month, I have enough money to buy a real barbie. At that time, I lost my desires for barbie and end up buying manga, a Japanese comic.

For all these years, crochet had help me trough so many ups and down in life. Oh yes, there was a time where I totally forget about crochet but yet, universe always has its own way to hook you up with what you love. Every time I missed Yangti, I grab my rusty hook. It was my very 1st hook ever. She bought them from our local market, just for me. I just hold them in my hands, remembering all of the good times I had with her. When ever I’m feeling blue, I just take out all my stashes and re-arrange them. Bright colors are totally an awesome healer for me.

I will never ever get bored on crochet even though I can only do it ONLY a row in a day.

What about you?? Do you think you’ll ever bored crocheting??




Wanna Try My Eid Cookie??

Late Post (again)

Eid is always been a perfect time for me to make a mess in my tiny kitchen. Not for cooking though. Cooking is my mom’s thing. Totally not mine. As always.. one of fave cookies for Eid is Nastar. A round shape cookies filled with pineapple jam. What makes my Nastar special is that we made our own pineapple jam. Never ever we bought from store.

When I was a kid, I hate baking nastar because it took a long time to shape the dough. WHY? Because after filling the pineapple jam to the dough, it wasn’t enough to just shape it round like a ball. Oh no. We had to shape it again like a leaf. And it took a lot of time. I often negotiate so I didn’t have to bake that cookies. And now, years later… I only shape it round and put a clove on the top of it. But you wont find any clove in this pic. We ran of it and to lazy to go to the market.


Another modification we made was by filling the dough with chocolate when we ran out of pineapple jam. Turned out that people like it a lot. Yeay for me. Hehehe!!


Last but not least… this so called Putri Salju or Snow White if you translated into English. We always LOVE it. I usually add crunched almond or cashew in the dough. Sometimes we even add cheese too. So yum yum yummy.


What about you? What’s your Eid cookies??



502 1st Anniversary

Late Post:

March 28, 2015; A special day which we’ve been longing for. A day of celebration. A day of ultimate happiness. A day where we are finally 1 step closer to our goal.

Weeks before, we planned a party.  Everything was set. We’ve found the place, we’ve agreed to play a game and even prepared a gift. And then, a bad news came. We wont be in the same class again. They separated us into two. There will be no more SIGEC, only SIGEA and SIGEB. We were shocked. We were sad. We were devastated. We got scared. We don’t know what will happen in the future with our new classmates. Are they good? Can we get a long fine with them? Can they accept us? or .. Can we accept them? Those were some questions which popped out from our head at that time. Hanging around in our head for so many days.

And finally … the date was came.

March 28, 2015

It was a long day. It was like forever, before I can finally went out and met my friends. Yes my 502 friends. My heart smiled when I saw half of my friends sitting on the floor. Waiting for the rest of us. I felt joy. I wont shared the details of my feelings on that day. Allow me to write another post. This post will only talk about our 1st Anniversary.

The anniversary was took place in Dadho’s place. Well, it was actually his relative’s place which located around Pamulang, not very far from campus. We went there by bike, in a small convoy. It was magrib when we arrived and after a quick preparation, we finally started it.

Like any other event, we surely needs, a host. We choose Budi and you know what?! He kinda nailed it. Therefor,  when ever you need a host, you can surely contact him ;). Anyway… we started the Party with some speech. First was from the President of 502. While listening to him, my mind flew back. It was like watching movies in my mind. And every single scene, brings out memories. Gosh!! Time really flies so fast.

Now, about the celebration.

As I mentioned earlier, we started it with opening from The President of 502, then one of my classmate (or should I say former classmate) Fadly, gave speech also. It was a heart breaking moment, listening to how he felt about our situation now. And how he and the rest of 502 who moved to SIGEA will try their best to cope with the new class and new friends. It wont be easy, I know. But yet.. life must go on. And I always believe that every thing happens for a reason.


Focus on the speech…


We have said what we want and need to say. And next was…. Dinner!! It was a simple dinner consist of Junk Food. Hahaha.. !! Let us forget diet or healthy food for a while… coz it’s PARTY TIME!!!

Well.. we all full. Full of food and snack. Now…. Gaming Time!!!

Hmm.. we all agreed to prepare a gift and a task for truth or dare game. I never really enjoy gaming but yet, in the name of togetherness, I prepared a gift and a task. I never expect that my task finally became a perfect closure.

You know.. it was hilariously funny, watching each one of my friends doing their task. From acting to singing. And even took a weird pic as its task. Hahaha.. completely awesome!! Thanks GOD, every one was enjoying the game. Even me. Too bad that there were still some 502 member who couldn’t join this celebration.

Maybe these pics can give you a glimpse on how awesome it was.



Need some more??? Watch this one ..

Have seen it?? Really fun isn’t it??

Feels like yesterday.. we were laughing and having fun together. We are few rooms apart now, but yet, we are always together in heart.

For when two beings who are not friends are near each other there is no meeting, and when friends are far apart there is no separation.

Happy 1st anniversary Rangers
May our dream come true
~Love you all… as always~

Missing Them (Together)

ImageI found this picture in my organizer. A picture of my parents on my mom’s cousin wedding at Bogor. They were still together. Feels like million years ago.

I do believe that things happened for a reason. So they’re separation is MUST be a reason for something. Am I right?! Is it for me being forced to be mature (before my age)?! Or is it the reason for me to learn how to adapt myself with new situation? Or maybe… GOD just want it this way.

I don’t know for sure. And even now.. after a decade of their separation, I still don’t know why.

All I know is that sometimes… I missed them being together.



Around my Life


Long time no see. How ya doin friends??? Good I hope. Well my life is quite GREAT. Got a new project manager, got a new friend at work {replacing Resthy whose resigning from work :((}.
While my family??

I lost a cousin 😦 because of an accident on road. I never close to him. In fact I never closed to any other cousin. Maybe because the distance between us. I mean.. most of us lived in different city. Maybe because we’re so busy with our own life. Or maybe… its kinda mixture of those reason. I don’t know for sure.
But yet.. one thing I know.. every thing happened for a reason.

Like my cousin’s death.

He’s death bring us into some kind of family gathering (also not all of us was there). We went to his home.. memorizing him through his pictures in the living room, through the face of his daughter Shalfa, through the stories which told by his family and friends. I know how much he loved, through the way my niece, Ziezie who always searching for him in every crowd that day.

Those…. are like a piece of puzzle which collected and finally give me a complete picture of him. RENDY RAFENSZKI, my dearest cousin. Whom I barely know.

I burst into tears when his friends played the video of him and his band (his friend held a music performance for him, titled ‘IN MEMORIAM RENDY RAFENSZKI’).

I cried for those years that flies away.

I cried for my aunt n uncle.

I cried for myself. Such ashamed.. we share the same blood from our father side, but yet I barely know him.

I cried.. and cried.. on the corner of that rattan sofa, in the dark night of Cirebon city.