The Crystal of Knowledge

Can you see that building over there? Behind the trees, across the lake?? It called The Crystal of Knowledge. The library of Indonesian University.


picture of meandmyspicylife

We went there last Saturday because of some simple reason. First, looking for inspiration for our paper. Second, because we just had enough of mall and hang out in mall. So why don’t we visit a library?! I mean, few months back we visited Freedom Library and we really enjoyed there.

We went there with commuter line and then just walked from the station to the library complex. Inside, we walked around from one book shelf to another, searched for inspiration. And we found it!!


picture of meandmyspicylife

It came from a thesis which written in 1969. It was amazing. The writer wrote it with a type writer. You know, like you saw in old movies. You can recognize it from the font. What’s amazing that it was typed neatly. He even managed to create all of the table and column with that. How awesome is that?!

Unfortunately we only had about an hour. Yeahh we were late. What can I say, we didn’t plan it to go there. It was last minute decision. A best decision actually.

Hopefully we can visit again soon enough. With full formation of course.


picture of meandmyspicylife

Do you like visiting library?



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