{Life List}: A Non-Fiction Workshop

Let me start it with a nice quote on pinterest.



I love learning and get very excited when ever I had an opportunity to learn something new -especially for free. For me, it doesn’t matter if at the end I didn’t like it. Its the willingness to learn and the effort to enjoy the process that matters.

Last Saturday, I joined a short workshop on non-fiction writing. A friend of mine informed me about the workshop and I just signed up. No hesitation at all. I even forgot that I had it on my life list. Turned out that I wrote about Joining a writing course there. Its amazing how universe brought me to fill my forgotten list. I just feel the need of going out and having new experience.

So.. the workshop was held in Millenia Book Store -never been there before-, a not so big book store (comparing to Gramedia) but somehow I like the air of the store itself. The speaker/mentor of the event was Said Al-Khudry aka. @profesorcintaid, the author of ‘Pacaran Mulu, Kapan Putusnya??’. I honestly haven’t read the book but at least I already have it now. Will definitely read it after finish reading my on -going one.


The workshop was fun and exciting. We watched  this video before starting the workshop (I recommend you to watch it). I even got a notebook for giving my opinion about it. Then we talked about the definition of non-fiction itself before we go deeper into material on premise, writer’s block and writing techniques. What make it more fun is that we had a chance to practice. Yup. We practiced how to create a premise, how to write a paragraph from 3 words given and basic knowledge on Mind Mapping. I remember that I have read a book about Mind Mapping from Tony Buzan years ago. Seems that I have to read it again 😉

As in my personal opinion, above all the given material, I got new knowledge on how a script turn into a book -since the moderator was from Mizan Publishing who explain a lot about it. I learnt that every one (actually) has the probability to be a writer. No matter their background is. The important is, to be consistent in what they’re doing. I think almost every successful person done it. Consistent.

In that case I will take a baby step for myself. I challenge myself to (at least) post twice a week on March 2017. *fingercrossed




Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Eid Mubarak to all of you.

I believe it has been a great journey of Ramadan.

May The Spirit of Ramadan stay with us along the year until we meet Ramadan, again.



A Country Celebration

Today supposed to be a special day for us, here at work. It suppose to be an event called ‘COUNTRY CELEBRATION’

BUT unfortunately due the chaos situation around Jakarta, it was postponed. This celebration turned into an ‘ordinary’ buffet lunch. I was thinking (before I decided to write this) whether to post this or not. Is it wise to post this FUN moment while my city mourning?

I think again, and I decided to post it anyway. A FUN day we had even there’s a slight of fear in our heart.


Hey terrorist or who ever you are behind today’s chaos. You may take away our freedom since lots of us can’t go anywhere today. BUT you can never take away our right to smile, to have fun, to be HAPPY.



Eid Mubarak


Dear Friends,

Within a few days, we will celebrate Eid or in Indonesia, we call it Lebaran.

Therefore, I wanna wish you all, all my moslem brothers and sisters around the world, EID MUBARAK.

We’ve been through a holy month of Ramadhan with all good deeds, good intention. May the spirit of Ramadan will be last in our heart and mind, and shown in our daily life until our next Ramadan. Aamiin.

May you have a super fascinating and blessed Eid with our family and friends.



Free Takjil

Late Post

Ramadan is always be a perfect moment to upgrade our faith, our imaan, and our love and compassion to others. Not only to others who has less, but also for others that we care even though we don’t know them personally.

In this precious month of Ramadan, me and my friends will held an event. Break Fasting with 70 orphanage from Al. Munasharoh Foundation. And we simply wanna share this good news to other people who might be interested in joining us. Whether by donating their money, or maybe by joining in the event or even simply by wishing us good luck.

And our simple thought is, if you wanna gain something good, that you have to do good. Your effort must be done in a good way too. Do you agree? Hmm.. or maybe you have different opinion? Please kindly share to us.

Anyway… so on June 20, 2015; we were giving free takjil, snack for iftar to people on the road. At first we just giving it to people in the gas station, then we started to walk down the street. It was a simple snack consist of Lontong, Fried Stuffed Tofu and a glass of mineral water. We packed them in a small transparent plastic, and we attached a small flier of our Break fasting event so people would know about it.



We’re expect nothing. From the moment I announce this idea of giving away free takjil, I told them that I don’t expect people to suddenly donating their money or so. I just wanna let people know that we’re exist. That we, as a young generation (so as we called) are care enough. As simple as that.


And even we have to get through a long and windy road, we will do it anyway. And even when we have to conquer our own fear. Just like when few people waving their hand, telling us that they don’t want any of our snack. Just like when people avoiding us when we’re approaching them, try to hand them our snack. We don’t give a damn. We will just trying our best to a better us. We will just move forward.



We believe that nothing is worthless in the eye of Allah. Every good deed will be counted. Even every good intention will be counted. Every effort will be counted. So.. We say bismillah .. we smile, and leave our fear and hesitation behind. We move forward and didn’t look back.


~And The Story Goes~


Plan VS Reality

One of valuable lesson is life is that sometimes, our plan doesn’t always meet the reality. Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, no matter how well we plan it or picture it in mind, the reality can comes in different form.

As what happened last week. Before I tell you, allow me to inform you that on July 5th, 2015; me and my 502 will held and event. It will be a breakfasting with 60 orphanage from Al. Munasharoh Foundation. Therefore, these past few weeks we’re trying to find some money for the event. We announce it on facebook and many other social media. We also share the news to our family and friends. Bottom line is, we do anything for the fund raising.


One of my friend, Fadly had an idea to sell takjil. For you whose not familiar with Ramadan in Indonesia, takjil is the term we use to call every snack for breakfasting (iftar). It can be Indonesian snack like ‘gorengan’ (fried snack) or sweet porridge or any kind of light food we have for breakfasting.

So, he already has a picture in his mind to sell Kolak (sweet dessert made from palm/coconut sugar, coconut milk, pandan, banana, cassava, pumpkin and sometimes kolang-kaling) and Es Buah (just consider it as fruit cocktail). The plan is to put it in plastic cup, and sell it. More over, in his positive mind, if we provide 100 cups of tajkil, we can sell 99 of it and will only 1 left. Yup. ONLY 1. He’s a positive person, right?!

We finally arrange a table near Eva’s house (Eva’s mom and aunty help us to cook those Kolak) and put all Kolak & Es Buah. Hmm.. now, all we have to do it try to sell all of them.


Can we make it??

Well… let us continue read. Continue reading