My Life List

1st written on Mar 31, 2014

According to my Birthday Tickers, I’ll be 32 within only 33 days. OMG Time really fly so fast. I mean, It feels like its was just yesterday. I celebrated my 31 B’day with my Boss and colleagues by having lunch at Yoshinoya next to my work (not my fave restaurant, though).

So.. while waiting for that BIG Day.. I want to write down those things I really wanna do in my whole life. Actually… it’s been a long time since I had this in my mind. But somehow I always have difficulty in writing it down. Mental Block I think. You know.. thinking that NO WAY that I can do those things whether because of they are too expensive or too impossible to be true or even the feeling that ‘It’s not me.’ But the fact is that I finally done some of those things. And I finally realize that there’s nothing that too good to be true.


And Now…. here they are:

Start to study in university again | Graduated on time | Learning 5 new language | Learn to drive | Get my Passport | Knit a shawl for myself | A Week Without Coffee | 2 Week Without Coffee | Memorize at least 4 new surah within 2017 |Watching sunrise from Mount Bromo | Reaching 250 Blog Post | Dye My Hair | Read 6 Biographies | Join a Writing Course | Rent a New Bigger House | Loose 6 kgs | Visiting Jogja (again) | Take a Cooking Class | Umroh with my Parents | Spending New Year Eve alone in a Hotel | Get Married | Visiting: 1. London 2. Turki 3. Bangkok 4. Morocco | Take a Swimming Lesson | Buy a Nice High Heels | See a Rainbow | Get Up Early for a week | Having a ME Time at a Fancy Spa | Go on Vacation with Mom | Read 6 Non Fiction Book | Do Something BIG (writing a book) | New Laptop from Apple or SONY | Crocheting Amigurumi | A night at a Hotel with my Bestiest | Buying my 1st house | Visit Belitong | Take a pic with GDC Indonesia Head | Take a picture with Head Global Delivery | Reading 30 books in 2017 | Pursuing a dream to be as Kindergarten Teacher |

My finger crossed now ^_~




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