Bye-bye …


My fave glasses ….

He decided to retire after accompanying me for quite some time.

S.a.d, but I think I’ll be okay.

Thank you… for such a wonderful time we had.

Exploring pages, walking under the rain, watching the sun set.

Creating new memories every day.

Thank you…


{Indonesian Snack}: TIMPAN


I was really happy when I found this snack last night. It’s traditional snack from Aceh (one of my great great grand dad come from that province) which made from Sweet Rice Flour and Banana (Pisang). Pisang Raja to be exact. For the stuffing, we use coconut which cooked with sugar.

What makes it special is that you have to wrap the dough with banana leaf before you steam it and only use the young one. You know the one which have bright green color and little bit soft. I really don’t know the term in English.

Anyway … its really really delicious.

So what’s your traditional snack??