{Life List}: I made it!!

May 13, 2018 Sitting in this big hall, waiting anxiously. Two of my good friends are here with me. I don’t know how are they feeling but for me, seems that I can’t get rid off these butterflies in my tummy. My mom and my brother are here with me too. I wish my dad is here, but hey, sometimes you just have to cope and make a peace with life. 2 out of 3 family members is much better than none, right?! Hours went by. They already say their speech. The choir already sing their song. And we already sing our national anthem – which off course make me cry a bit. Now, they started to call out our name. We can even see out picture on the big screen up above. I finally hear my name. I couldn’t think of anything else but walking straight to my Dean while casting my mantra ‘Please, don’t let me stumble and fall.’ And I didn’t. I made it. After hundreds of tasks, tests, home-works, discussions, debates, laugh and tears within four years, I finally here. After three times reading Min Jin Lee’s ‘Pachinko’, six times of counseling with my mentors, countless revision, I finally here. This achievement is for my parents. A gift for their unconditional love. This achievement is for my friends who supported me in many different way. This achievement is for me. Simply because I allow myself to believe in me. One dream, one goal achieved. Now let me set another goal.

Oww.. Hello

Long time no see. Hopefully this February of 2019 will be a new start for amazing journey.

Well you know, since January was just a free trial. ~Queenie, the Drama Queen Cat.

My Pray for You

Dear You,

It’s been been quite a journey so far.

You’ve been through so many ups and down. Bitter and sweet yet never sour.


Allow me to pray just for you.

I pray that you’ll smile more often. I pray that you trust yourself. Enough to make decisions with clear mind and objectivity. I pray for your heart. May it never turn to stone. I pray for your existence. May you never hurt and belittle other. I pray for your soul. May you alway have the ability to see the kindness in others. I pray for your inner child. May she knows that she always be loved. No matter what.

Dear You,

The girl in the mirror. May you always have your faith in Allaah. Now and forever.

With Love,

Me. Your reflection in the mirror.

A Fresh Start

Writing again after so many months.

So, lots of things had happened. Ups and down. Good and bad. Laugh and tears. From having a job to unemployed. From having a good friend to lost that person. And along with that journey, what makes me sad is, somehow I lost myself.

I mean, I was trying my best find out what was it? How could that happen? I even try to make it right. Not really succeed and eventually, for the 1st time in life, I became a bitter person. Feels like I hate everything and everyone. And I hated myself for that. It was tiring, exhausting. I can’t stand it anymore.

Luckily,  these past few days (and for the next few days) my cell phone is dead. It suddenly died one night and when I took it the repairman, they need to replace one of its spare parts which will take some time. This situation really gives me time to think and talk to myself. A serious conversation I believe. And I decided to let it go. I need to stop fixing things. Sometimes it just meant to be broken. I need to stop hoping that my friendship with that person will be okay. It takes two to tango. No matter how hard I try if no response, so what’s the use? Sometimes, there are people who just not meant to stay for a long time in my life.

contact list

As said in above picture, I’m on a journey to detox all negativity in me. I need to cut that infection in my wounded heart before it spread and killing me softly. I need to stop myself from turning into someone I don’t even like. I can’t and surely don’t have the right to change others. But I definitely can change myself.


And you… if you never hear anything from me again, it simply because I don’t want us to hurt each other in any possible way. It’s better to remember you as a sweet memory, a smile from the past rather than to talk to you as a stranger. Be happy always.









{Life List}: A Non-Fiction Workshop

Let me start it with a nice quote on pinterest.



I love learning and get very excited when ever I had an opportunity to learn something new -especially for free. For me, it doesn’t matter if at the end I didn’t like it. Its the willingness to learn and the effort to enjoy the process that matters.

Last Saturday, I joined a short workshop on non-fiction writing. A friend of mine informed me about the workshop and I just signed up. No hesitation at all. I even forgot that I had it on my life list. Turned out that I wrote about Joining a writing course there. Its amazing how universe brought me to fill my forgotten list. I just feel the need of going out and having new experience.

So.. the workshop was held in Millenia Book Store -never been there before-, a not so big book store (comparing to Gramedia) but somehow I like the air of the store itself. The speaker/mentor of the event was Said Al-Khudry aka. @profesorcintaid, the author of ‘Pacaran Mulu, Kapan Putusnya??’. I honestly haven’t read the book but at least I already have it now. Will definitely read it after finish reading my on -going one.


The workshop was fun and exciting. We watched  this video before starting the workshop (I recommend you to watch it). I even got a notebook for giving my opinion about it. Then we talked about the definition of non-fiction itself before we go deeper into material on premise, writer’s block and writing techniques. What make it more fun is that we had a chance to practice. Yup. We practiced how to create a premise, how to write a paragraph from 3 words given and basic knowledge on Mind Mapping. I remember that I have read a book about Mind Mapping from Tony Buzan years ago. Seems that I have to read it again 😉

As in my personal opinion, above all the given material, I got new knowledge on how a script turn into a book -since the moderator was from Mizan Publishing who explain a lot about it. I learnt that every one (actually) has the probability to be a writer. No matter their background is. The important is, to be consistent in what they’re doing. I think almost every successful person done it. Consistent.

In that case I will take a baby step for myself. I challenge myself to (at least) post twice a week on March 2017. *fingercrossed



{Life List}: 250 and more ..

Good morning from cloudy Jakarta.

I was checking on my life list and found about posting 250 post on this blog. Totally forget when I wrote it but really excited to check whether I already achieve it or not.

Tadaaaaa …


I’ve reached 278 post so far. And surely will add some more.

Hmm.. is it the right time to set another goal??