14/366: Jakarta Attack (again?!)

I never imagine to have a Scary Thursday like this. This morning every thing seems normal just like any other morning.


I was in 7th floor for meeting when suddenly my cell phone buzzing like crazy. Turned out that a lot of news with pictures (not a good one) about this bombing and shooting around Thamrin.

Another bombing episodes. What make it even worst, people said that it’s not only bombing but there are also men whose shooting innocent people on street. I still don’t know exactly how many people injured or even died. Some said 4 some said more. It doesn’t matter how big or small the number is. It’s still cruel and mean and heartless.

People said that it was ISIS while another people said that it’s just a diversion issue as today is the deadline for Freeport. It doesn’t matter. What matter the most is that no one have right to take other people life like this. I believe that not a single religion in this earth ever taught us to kill people. I know my religion never teach me that.

Here at work, things seems okay. We are working like usual but if you see or listen carefully, you will notice that most of our mobile desk -which placed near the window- are empty. Most of the owner are moving to another desk, avoiding windows. You know, in case things get worse and reach my office. Most of the expat are on the phone, explaining -maybe to their family and friends from their hometown- that they are okay. Explaining them how’s the situation in Jakarta. Our pantry filled with people. Not only for lunch, but with those who want to watch tv, seeking for more information from news. Our praying room is full. Seems that people takes more time to pray than yesterday. Things are not pretty same.

I’ve called my mom. Telling her that I’m okay. That I will stay in the office. All night if its necessary. I mean, I wont go out until I know for sure that it will be save. She asked me to be careful and pray alot. She said that she’ll pray for me and for my entire office.

I will pray too. Not only for me, my office or my country only. I will pray for all people around the globe. May you will never what we feel today. May you will save, where ever you are.


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