10/366: Grateful Sunday

If I have a lot of reasons to complain then I definitely have reasons to be grateful ~Me

It’s been a calm week. No deadline and overtime from work. I’m no longer a Cinderella who has to go home at midnight. We have done all that we can to achieve our target despite that lots of changes happened on the very last minute. We tried our best. For that I thanked all of my team.

As for my study, I had my midterm yesterday. I hope I Will have a good score although I’m not so sure. I skipped class alot this time, because of work. Still have to catch up before my final.

This week ended beautifully by our visit to my former classmate house. We went there to visit the baby. Meet this cute baby … Mikael Leo Setiawan. He was sleeping when we arrived and still sleeping when we finally say goodbye. We kissed him, touched his tiny nose, yet he didn’t woke up at all. Well he opened his eyes for a while, scream for just few seconds then back to sleep again.#sigh


Last but not least we found a new place for hang out called Kedai Dan. Really like this  cozy place which played good music. Hmm.. I think I’ll write another post just to review this place.


So….How can I complain after a nice week I had?

Anyway…. how’s your week?



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