5/366: Disconnect to Get Connected

I believe that technology comes to make our live easier, to get people connected to each other. Make the distance shorter or even to eliminate distance from our need to get connected to others.

But lately… technology lost it essence. Lately, we’re easily connected to people which located miles away from us rather than those who lived around us. Even worse, we’re easily with those in our social media, instead of those who sits next to us.


Why don’t we disconnect ourselves for just a few hours or minutes from our gadget and get connected to our surroundings.

So put away your phone, grab a coffee and let us have a simple and fun coffee talk.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “5/366: Disconnect to Get Connected

  1. I agree … If you watch those around you, most are on their smart phones. I’m included in this problem. We need to spend more quality time with loved ones. Thank you for sharing.

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