1/366: 1st Sip

2016 has finally reaches us.

Despite that I love every bitter sweet of my 2015’s life, I’m really glad to welcome my new days in 2016. Feels like there’s new hope in front of me and I’m ready to reach out to it.

I begin to write this post in a coffee-shop with some of my good friend from the University. We’re for doing our homework. Same subject, different task. Mine was characterizing from a short story from Chinua Achebe called A Death Man’s Path. Done my part and now enjoying my 1st coffee this year while waiting for them to finish their task, characterizing The Necklace from Guy de Maupassant.

1st coffee

It’s raining hard outside. The very first rain in 2016. Somehow I’m happy about this falling rain. It feels like, this poring rain just wipe away all the bad and bitter thing which had left by 2015. All the dust and spider web around us was swept away. And we’re end up having a clear path, a clear sight.

How’s your first day of this 2016?



4 thoughts on “1/366: 1st Sip

  1. Happy new year, Amanda! It is like a new beginning for all of us. Let’s strive to make it so special and memorable that we would dread parting with it when 2017 comes by! Good luck with your studies and your life!

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