Special day for GDC Indonesia.. as today @YourSevice – Boss Service Day. The day where our beloved Managers -up- treated us like a prince and princess.



Always found a new spirit, new reason to do the best every time I listen to Mr. John’s speech. He’s been in Indonesia for 20 years and still counting ^^.

He said, ‘He’s proud with GDC Indonesia. Proud to see how it grows, and proud to consider it as his legancy.’ Another heart warming thing that he said was (more or less, I don’t remember the exact line), ‘Take everything that we provide here in Nokia. Take the lesson, learn a lot then go explore the world and go great things.’


One of the best day. Our Managers and Head, they really was serving and pampering us with good heart and good food. While handing the plate.. most of them said, ‘Thank you for this good year. Keep up the good work.’

I really had a good time. We really had a good time. We’re happy and full. Hmm.. and eventually ready to do more in our daily basis.

Thank you mam… thank you sir…



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