{Life List}: A Week Without Coffee

Every day is a perfect day for COFFEE

That line works for me very well. Coffee has been my good friend over the years. It never fails me in anyway. Yet, I wrote in my LifeList, for breaking up with coffee for 7 days. Can you imagine that?! Seven days without coffee? With no caffeine at all during the day? Seems unbelievable for me.


I did it! 7 days without coffee at all.

It wasn’t easy that for sure. I felt anxious on the 1st and 2nd day. Nothing seemed right. It was like something’ missing but I didn’t know what. Hmm.. maybe I knew after all. I missed my coffee >.<

On 3rd and 4th day, things were a little bit better. No more anxious BUT I was craved for snack. I just wanted to chew something. I bought salty snack like chips and and Indonesian snack called Peyek, but it couldn’t satisfied me at all. So I just let it be. No more snacking for nothing.


I was okay. Finally. No more anxious, no more craving for salty snack. I just love to sat quietly in the pantry (while at work) and just smell the aroma of fresh coffee. Oh yes, there was a time where I took my laptop and work from that comfy sofa in the pantry. If I couldn’t taste it with my mouth, at least I could fed my brain with its aroma.

November 10, 2015

My best friend was called me just in time. She wanted to meet me after work. It’s been a while since the last time we meet. Hmm.. talking while drinking my 1st coffee (after 7 days of breaking up) seems a good plan.

I actually wanted a cup of black coffee from our local bean like Aceh Gayo (my fave) or maybe Bali Kintamani but my BFF wanted someplace near because we met after work and she wanted to eat first. So we choose this mall near my office. And after she finished her dinner, we went straight to this coffee-shop called JAVABEAN.

The 1st sip was GREAT. It was like falling in love again with coffee.

Well…actually it was GREAT from the very 1st sip until the very last one.


Have you ever breaking up with coffee??



5 thoughts on “{Life List}: A Week Without Coffee

  1. Congrats on your ability to be without coffee for a week! I am a coffee lover too and I get headaches if i don’t get my coffee on time! But with will power, anything is possible, you know. I am sure the coffee tasted great after seven days especially with your BFF! Anything else you want to forgo in the near future?

  2. Oh those days :O congrats on being able to be without coffee for a week! A few years ago, I was addicted to coffee due to my busy schedule and the detox after was horrible. Now I have coffee as a treat from time to time 😀 Do you plan to go longer without it next time?

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