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IMG_20150801_164453 welcome monument, not take care well

What is the first thing accros your mind when you hear about “Belitong”? , I bet you’ll only think about “Sekolah Laskar Pelangi”, Tanjung Tinggi beach, or The first literary museum? you do!

but we seldom hear about this beach, maybe people will skip this beach because there are many other places “sound” better than here.

Yes, I do agree with what’s on your Mind, this beach NOT recommended at all,


because this beach has the best sky view at sunset, because the sand in this beach softer and wider than other beach in belitong, and BECAUSE.. this beach has pretty palm trees cordon, and BECAUSE the wave in this beach is Wavier than the other beach in Belitong,

IMG_20150801_165848 Image by Sjafrie

IMG_20150801_165636 Image by Sjafrie

but why is it become NOT recommend?

maybe, the media only focus on whats people watch in “Laskar Pelangi”…

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