My Sanctuary


 Where do I write?

Hmmm.. that’s kinda hard to tell since I write every where. I spent most of my day at work, so writing in between my daily task is a common thing for me. Off course that will depend on my work load at that day. The spot is various from my own work station up to pantry. Yup..all I have to do is bring my lappie in pantry / dining room. Just take a pick. Chair or Sofa. Behind the wall or near that huge window where I can see the traffic. If I’m lucky enough, I can write while watching the rain falling from the sky. It was fun, watching how people try to avoid the rain. Some of them walking as fast as they can or even running. Some of them just try to standing under the trees. Hoping that those branches and leafs will protect them from the falling rain.

I also write while waiting for my train. And definitely doing that on my phone. Thanks to technology. What about coffee shop? Its look elegant isn’t it? Writing on a coffee shop? Somehow you’ll look smart. Especially when you wear a glasses. Or is it just in my imagination?! I did it sometimes, sitting in a coffee shop with a cup of coffee. But I have to be alone. Well.. not literally alone. What I mean is that I have to make sure that none of my friend around me or else, I’ll end up having a long conversation rather than writing.

Bed is also one of my spot to write especially at night. I just sit with pillow on my lap and my blank note on my pillow. I wrote about every thing. It could be a long paragraph about what I’ve been through during the day. Or just a word or two which reflected my feelings. Sometimes, I just wrote a letter to GOD. I use my best paper; put it in an envelope and keep it save. Is it weird? Am I the only one who did that?

I still have no idea where is my best place to write. Maybe I should start to find one. But somehow I’m afraid that if I’m too attached to that place, I wont be able to write if I’m not there.

One thing I know, no matter how I love technology, I still deeply in love with paper and pen. As long as I have them, where I write wont be a problem.

What about you?

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6th assignment of Writing101


2 thoughts on “My Sanctuary

  1. LOL, Sitting in a coffee shop writing with glasses on does make you look smart. I think sitting anywhere wearing glasses makes you look smart lol. Not sure how glasses became the symbol for intelligence but that’s funny I can’t write in a coffee shop though, I never really got the attraction. I love writing when it rains too, very calming and peaceful.

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