Oh, I Just Like A Lot of Thing in Life


Last year, about a month before my b’day, I created my LIFE LIST, inspired by a blog  -I forgot which blog- and just wrote it here and create a post every time I did it.

This wasn’t my 1st list though. Long before I wrote it here in my blog, I just wrote it on a piece of paper and that was it. No, I wasn’t throwing it away. I just put it somewhere and just  forget about it. Until last August, when I unpacked my things into my new place, I found one. A number of things that I wish to have, written in a yellow paper. I red it and freeze. Turned out that I can achieved some them. Gosh, so unbelievable!! I planned to write it here. I even already make a draft but I always end up with the thought ‘where should I start?’. So frustrating.

Anyway.. since I already have my life list, I decided to go with ‘THINGS I LIKE’ for this second assignment.


I like Coffee that’s for sure. But I what I like the most is the smell of fresh coffee in the morning | I like Rain and the smell it brings | I like books | I like traditional market with all its crowd and I really like going to the market with my mom | I like small circle of friend simply because its has less drama. Hey, I’m a Taurus. I don’t like a Drama Queen or King | I like cat although I don’t want another one after my cat died | I like cotton candy | I like dark chocolate | I like a quite night | I like Winnie the Pooh | I like cartoons |

I like … a lot of thing in life. Including you.

So.. what do you like?

PS: I get the pic from here



13 thoughts on “Oh, I Just Like A Lot of Thing in Life

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  2. Hi I am a Leo and I love coffee too. My daughter is a taurean and she, like you, likes cartoons and animals – dog in particular. She too doesn’t like changes and prefers just one or two friends. Much in common!

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