Oh, Its just Me ..


It’s my 2nd time in Blogging101 and I think … I’m in love ^^

So.. before I wandering around, allow me to tell you a little about me (again) as the answer of today’s assignment.


I’m Amanda, 30 something who really really LOVE coffee and rain. In between those two, I also LOVE reading and then writing. I just LOVE them as one. I read then I write or vice versa.

Then…. I was introduced to blogging world and I instantly love it. It was a long journey before I finally stuck to this blog. Oh yes, my blogging world has its own ups and down and uncountable hiatus but yet, I’m just like a little girl who always know how to reach home. This blog, is my other home.

You will find various topic here. Mostly are my own experience or my thoughts on something. I wish I could have a specific topic, but I’m quite happy with what I have now.

What about you?? Why are you blogging??



12 thoughts on “Oh, Its just Me ..

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