I Write Because …

I write because I LOVE it. I fall in love with word, with its meaning. As simple as that. No, I don’t have a complicated reason to write. I just LOVE it. That’s all. When you fall in love, you just Fall. Right?!


In the process, writing gives me a lot. One thing for sure, it helps me to know myself better. I mean I often end up having this weird conversation in my head -with myself, off course- before I can really write something. Writing has give me an endless opportunity to become a better me through this inner-self conversation.

Do you love writing as much as I do?



17 thoughts on “I Write Because …

  1. yep, I share the same sentiment with you that writing allows us to be a better self! We might face similar situation when we have a conversation with ourselves in our head, but by writing, we got to examine that conversation closely, not allowing it to be a mere fleeting thoughts. I think that kind of awareness is what makes writing different than any other activities.

  2. I feel similar. In writing I can express myself better sometimes, than when I’m talking. As I write/think more, I feel a little more inspiration and I feel like I learn a little more about yourself. I found your blog in your comment of wanting to be on the blog roll on blogher. Come check out mine! 🙂

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