Happy (belated) Batik Day !!

{Late Post}

Since UNESCO’s designation of Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2nd October 2009, batik has grown its popularity. Nowadays we’re not only wearing it on formal occasion only. Moreover, not only old generation wear batik but youngster too. Especially when batik comes in modern style as in fashion.

I remember when I was a kid, my late grandma has collection of batik which basically a long seamless fabric with certain pattern. We will wear it as a skirt on special occasion like wedding or any other traditional ceremony along with traditional outfit such as Beskap (for man) or Kebaya (for woman).


My Parents wearing Batik (a seamless long fabric) with Beskap  and Kebaya in one of wedding ceremony.

Since my grandma came from Jogjakarta most of her collection was in dark tone (black, navy, dark brown) with a pattern of kawung, parang. Did you know that in ancient time, batik indicate the  social strata of the one who wear it. In special occasion like wedding ceremony, the bride and room use special motifs like sido mukti, sido luhur, sido asih, as a symbol for future happiness and prosperity. Yes, Batik’s pattern is a symbol of all of good hopes. There’s always a spiritual aspect in every ancient Batik Pattern.





If you come from pesisir (near the beaches) or in the past, if you’re not a member of Javanese Royalty, then you’re only allowed to wear certain pattern of Batik. Usually, it’s more colorful with floral pattern. They called as Batik Pesisir. This kind of Batik mostly comes from Cirebon or Tuban.

Today everybody can use batik , without worrying about their social class or the events. Batik motifs becomes more creative, from traditional elements into modern design with various color so you can wear it as every day outfit. Since October 2009, a lot of private company in Indonesia asked their employee to wear Batik.

I love Batik as much as my grandma loves it. That love grows during my interaction with my grandma. How she treated her collection gently. Every Batik she owned has its own history. Most of her collection are Batik Tulis (totally handmade and hand painted) with traditional material and method along the making. You see, my Yangti (grandma) always hand washed it. She never use a detergent or any chemical thing.  And the best moment is when she ironed and folded it. She always doing it while singing (nembang) in Javanese languange. It was so mystical. I missed those moment a lot.

Last Friday was BATIK DAY.


Happy Batik Day from INDONESIA ^^


Line Managers, Project Managers. FYI.. not all of them are Indonesian


who knows that this pantry can be a perfect place for photo shot


Free Pose ^^

See you next year !!


Thank you to my Line Manager for sharing this pic.

For the Kawung and Parang picture, I take it from here.


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