{Life List}: A Night with My Bestiest

Sometimes, sharing a bowl of oreo pudding with your BEST FRIEND, is all therapy that you need.

That’s what we did last August. Me and my best friend, sitting on the floor in our hotel room while sharing a bowl of oreo pudding. We talked alot, laughed alot, and definitely eat alot.

All started months before, when we came up with the idea of checking in in a hotel, just two of us. Celebrating ourselves. Well… celebrating the courage that we never thought we had. For me, resigning from my previous work was a big step. For her, ending an unhealthy relationship, was a big step. We’re taking a step from our comfort zone without knowing what will happen in the future. However, we learnt alot during the process. Along the process we laughed, cried, stumbled, crawled and finally we managed to stand up again. Despite that there’s always someone who make annoying comments and even judging us without really know nor care what we feel deeps inside. It’s over now and we’re doing okay.

After what we’ve been through, we deserve a reward, right?

We missed Jogja alot, but as a newbie (she finally decided to resign too few month after me), taking annual leave is impossible. So, we just stayed in a hotel for one night. Don’t imagine it as a 5 star hotel with luxury room and so on. It’s just and average hotel with minimul facilities but luckily, they have a helpful staffs. We’re allowed to switch room because the AC Problem. FYI we booked the room with 50% promo price ^^

It called, DREAMTEL. A 3 star hotel which located in Jl. Johar No 17-19 Menteng, Jakarta Pusat. Quite a good location actually. And this was how the room look like. You’ll find the bathroom, bed, and this red chair on your left side.


While on your right side, you’ll found this with a mini fridge in it. You’ll found tv next to it and a desk too.


We spend most of our time in this room, eating that oreo pudding and drinking a grass jelly and surely talking about ourselves. Remembering all of those ups and down. Thanking GOD for giving us the strength to walked through all of those situation and surely thanking to each other as we always try our best to be there for each other. I totally agree that as a woman, I need at least 1 very best friend.The one who can (not only) give support but also to remind me even in harsh way when ever I’m doing bad. Isn’t that’s the point of being a friend? To grow into a better person?!

Late at nite when we finally felt hungy, we just go to Sabang Street. Quite a heaven for food ^^

Gudeg Jogja

Gudeg Jogja


All About Noddle ^^


One of our fave… King Fruit aka Duren

You totally will find lots of food stall along this street. Or if you just want to sip a coffee, you can find a coffee shop like KopiOey here.


Morning has arrived and we need to prepare ourselves for one of our school mate’ wedding. It’s been a great night. I’m lucky to have her as my best friend. It’s (more than) a decade friendship without fighting. Well… just some debate and lots of discussion and fun. We’re looking forward for another decade to come.


Zillion Love,



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