It’s Sunday and Yes, We’re Working


In the name of dedication and fulfilling deadlines from project, we’re working today. Kinda sad but it’s part of being an employee, right?! One of my colleague even has to bring her kiddos.



To add some energy and fun, especially for those who willingly to help us (Thanks GOD we got some help from other team), I made an Oreo Pudding.


MoodBooster for Us

mba ika

Happy to see my friend happy

As I wrote this post, I don’t know what happen to my pudding. I left it at my work station on 4th floor while I have to work from 8th floor. Hopefully they’re gone when I get back.

Apparently, we’re not the only who have to work on Sunday. No wonder we always have a white clean wall around us.


We had company on 8th

Btw.. hows your Sunday??




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