{Crafty Friday}: Ombre Pouch

Have you ever get jealous on someone or something?

Honestly… I have. Although it wasn’t a strong feeling. Well, I do hope that it’s never be a strong one. Usually it’s more like ‘ahh, I wish I could do that. or I wish could create that.’ Especially when I see crafters with their beautiful creation.

I used to think that beautiful craft ALWAYS comes from complicated technique and tools. That a newbie like me, who don’t have enough tool or expensive materials, I definitely can’t create a beautiful thing. It took me quite some time before I finally realize that beauty comes in many form. Each one of us, have our definition on beauty. So don’t be afraid or get offended if your term of beauty is different with others. Just be yourself and try to see things not only with eyes but also with your heart. As GOD creates nothing but beauty.


Happy Crafting,



6 thoughts on “{Crafty Friday}: Ombre Pouch

  1. I completely agree with being jealous of someone else’s talent. I struggle with this in photography. Then I take a step back and remind myself I don’t get paid to sit in a field of tulips all day to capture a great shot. Still, it must be nice!

  2. I think, in a way that type of jealousy is also healthy if you don’t see it as a loss on your part but an inspiration to achieve what you want. We may sometimes feel jealous at others one way or another because we want something they have that we don’t and it becomes negative when we turn it into something like a competition because we may never get satisfied, it is as if we are reaching for something that is not there. I’m glad you are able to see that you are beautiful in your own way, unique, amazing and have your own talent – seing that is far outweigh how others see you. 🙂

    • Thank you…
      Its been a long way to go before I finally realize that I can’t always compare myself to others and end up with disappointment because I felt less than other. And its all worth. I’m loving myself more now.


      • I am glad you are loving yourself more now. I guess, since we are only human we have a tendency to compare ourselves and see things we don’t have. However, you might not know that someone else is also wishing she is you. We all have our unique qualities and it is right, everyone has his/her own definition of beauty. Beauty for me is when a person shows kindness and love to all despite his/her limitations. 🙂

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