Heading Home

I’m now 33 years old and I will be 64 in 2046.

It’s been 31 years since I joined Maddy’s blogging event and I finally here. Pretty healthy for this age and off course still have that awesomeness in me. Like always.

Gosh…64 years. Can you imagine that?!

You know what, it has been a wonderful journey with no regret at all. Off course there was tears and misunderstanding along the way. And please… don’t remind me of those mistakes I’ve done. Or how many times I was being stubborn and moody. But hey, I laughed and had some fun to you know.  Not all of my life are bitter. There’s some sweet also. Like I always wrote on my 1st blog (which deleted by accident), there’s always be a bitter sweet chapter in my life but surely they’re never sour. Therefore I wont ask for another life. I wont ask to be someone else. I just love me.

I’m sitting at the airport. Ups.. allow me to correct it. I’m sitting in this space station’s lounge, waiting for our shuttle ship. Our?? Yes. Our. Me and my best friend ever. My soulmate, the love of my life. Well,  one of the love of my life since I have so many different form of love. There’s love for my GOD, my parents, and my children. Ahh .. and don’t forget love for my good friends. See, I have a heart full of love for every one.

He can’t hardly wait to head home. I can tell that from the way he looked at his watch every 5 minute. These past few years we spent our time traveling from one planet to another. Pluto was definitely our 1st stop. Simply because I love Pluto from Disney’s. Besides, most of people choose Mars as their 1st planet to visit. We’re just love being different. Then we visited Moon. Call me crazy, but when we’re visiting moon, somehow I wished I could meet Nawang Wulan. There’s a myth from Java which tells how Nawang Wulan, the moon goddess camejaka-tarub1to earth to take bathe in a lake. Jaka Tarub, felt fascinated with her beauty and  stole he cloak. She can’t fly back to the moon without her cloak. She stayed on earth and married him. She used her magic powers to do feed her family with just a single grain of rice. When her husband discovered her secret, she lost her magic power and had to gather and pound rice every day like all other wives. However, she did find her   cloak and used it to return to the sky. She stayed there at night but spent the daylight hours on earth with her husband and daughter. Sadly.. I never found Nawang Wulan.

Mars was our last planet to visit. It’s precisely like what I saw on sci-fi movies years ago. Shuttle ship; pills for your hunger;  and  don’t forget the important thing h ere. A Robosistant to help you around. Can’t you see how easy Life in Mars is.

Both my husband and I, we can’t hardly wait to be back home. The earth, where we’re born and raised. I can’t hardly wait,  walking side by side along Gili Trawangan beach line with his hand holding mine. Or just fly to Jogjakarta, watching dance performance in front of  Prambanan Temple or just go to Alun-alun, trying our luck at Bringin Kembar. Gosh.. I really missed home.

But the 1st thing we wanna do is go straight to Filosofi Kopi. I met my hubby there years a go. We’re just two strangers sitting side by side with a cup of coffee in our hand. I was with my Aceh Gayo while he was with his Cappuccino  (I knew it later). We didn’t say a word. We’re too busy watching rain and enjoying the smell of asphalt after the rain.  I think in that silent moment, our heart connected.

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6 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. Thank you for participating in my challenge, it is very exciting to receive the replies. You took us straight to the year 2046 and I certainly hope, if nothing else, that there will be Coffee!!! What an interesting journey and isn’t it fascinating to note that whatever the country, there is always a myth about someone coming from the sky. Thank you for sharing Indonesia’s with us.

  2. Dear Amanda,

    It’s such an interesting take on Maddy’s challenge. The myth about Moon was so interesting. I so hope you got to visit Jupiter too.

    Love and light.

    Anand 🙂

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