Grand Wedding and Meaningful Words

I’m a coffee lover, that’s for sure. But when ever I feel needing a new perspective or just need to sit back and relax,  a hot tea will be a perfect companion. So with teasa cup of tea on my desk, I took a moment for relaxing while reading some post in The Common. Just reading it with an open mind, and heart.

It’s been a hectic day today. Documents piling on my desk, target to achieve and at the same time, I have some homework from university. Plus, I have to start packing for my new place. I’m overwhelmed. Feel like wanna packed my bag and go away for a while.

Then I remember,  earlier today I red a post from one of Blogging101 member -let us call her, Momma- in her A Momma’s View blog. It was touching. Feels like she’s really sitting in front me and asking how am I doing.  It might sound weird to you, but hey.. weird things do happen sometimes.


I’m still at work with a messy desk but different feeling. All because a simple and meaningful advice from Momma which I read again and again – I hope she won’t mind I share her words here.-



With a cup of Grand Wedding and lots of deep breath, I can finally found the beauty of this hectic day. As one of my fave motivator used to say; It’s okay to be sad or angry once in a while but remember, don’t exaggerating it. 




12 thoughts on “Grand Wedding and Meaningful Words

  1. Hi Amanda 🙂
    I have never heard about ‘wedding’ as a coffee flavor–perhaps it’s not so popular in our part of the world. I was thinking that you would describe some wedding ceremony you


    I am really overwhelmed by the learning, love and sharing in this blogging community and how we all are affecting lives of each others–mostly positively. 🙂

    Your article is an example of the same. You have beautifully expressed that our friends, fellow bloggers can motivate us, inspire us and refill us with energy, enthusiasm and positivity.

    I loved reading this article. Please relax and enjoy your work. I would stop by time to time to say hello to you.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. It’s okay to be sad or angry once in a while but remember, don’t exaggerating it.

    I agree with your mentor. Hard to do sometimes, though! I like the idea of having a physical thing to associate with a mental state.”I’m having this kind of tea now, time to relax.” Like having a “lucky” object for a certain activity, but tastier!

    • Hi Bethany,
      Totally hard to do, but yet not an impossible thing. I think in some point we need to create our own ‘lucky’ object 😀

      Thanks for stopping by ^^

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