So Long, Farewell …

It’s never easy to say good bye

The thought of uncertain future wondering around

The feeling of loneliness haunt us.

With a lot of question in our mind;

Will they ever miss me? or Will I be forgotten?

Will I ever see you again?

and the BIG question ever, ‘Am I making the right choice?’

Today is the last day of one of my colleagues. She takes a HUGE step. Resigning from work to be a FULL TIME MOMMY for her 3 kiddos. I’m not married yet nor have any kids, but I believe that resigning from the place that give you a lot (I’m not talking about money) will never be easy. However, it’s been made anyway, so the show must go on.

Mba Lulu




See you soon Mba Lulu ..


And like what wise man said:


From Pinterest

So, see you soon…




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