We Call It Halal Bihalal

This blog of mine is like a life journal. A place where I mostly share about what happen into my life. It is true that I’m not an artist or politician or a famous philanthropist so my story might be boring for you. Then again, we are different people who lived in different place and might be in different country. Even if we’re in the same area, I believe we all have our own custom, our own signature.

This morninLots of ticketg was special for me and my colleagues. We had a chance to skip few hours from work and that, with permission from the Line Managers (LM). They even treated us to watch Mission Impossible in the nearest movie theater. WHY?? It’s simply because a tradition called HALAL BIHALAL.

Here in Indonesia, we have tradition of HALAL BIHALAL after celebrating EID. It’s we gathered around with family and friends to celebrate EID although we held it after EID. I suppose that’s because most of moslem in Indonesia do ‘mudik‘ on EID. Hmm.. I think I should tell you about mudik, someday soon ;).

Okay, back to HALAL BIHALAL. Mostly, we held this event a week after EID. Well, sometimes 2 hbh weeks after EID. The point is, as long as it still SYAWAL Month (Islamic Month), you can still held this event. You can held it in a resturant or in someone’s house. It’s totally up to you. If you held it at home, the food which served are usually the common food that we eat at EID like ketupat, opor, or rendang. If you held it in a restaurant, well.. I think depends on the menu they served. It’s doesn’t matter anyway. The point of HALAL BIHALAL is a celebration after a month of fasting. And the best way to celebrate anything is to be with family and or friends. Am I right!?

EID is never complete without asking for forgiveness and forgiving our beloved family and friends therefore, by attending Halal Bihalal, you have chance to do it.

Today, our Halal Bihalal was quite different. Like I mentioned before, our LMs treated us to watch the action of one of the handsome man on earth, Tom Cruise. Well, I like Jeremy Renner though. One of our LM said (in his speech), they choose that movie because in some point they see us like Tom Cruise who’s working on impossible mission related to our daily task. In some occasion we’re succeed in completing an impossible so that it was no longer impossible.

Soon after the movie end, we gathered around, shakes each others hand, asking for forgiveness, forgiving without any hesitation, without any doubt. And that’s my friend… the essence of HALAL BIHALAL in Indonesia.

Can you guess which one is our HR and which one is our LM??




6 thoughts on “We Call It Halal Bihalal

  1. I too attend Halal Bil Halal with my friends in my city. Even though i am not muslim they invited me to their event. I feel honored to attend their event and that was a nice experience.

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