It’s Been Four Years

When I opened my blog this morning, I got notification from WordPress, telling me that today is my 4th Anniversary of blogging. Really? Is it 4 years already? Are you sure? Wow!! Time really flies so fast.

Feels like yesterday I migrated my blog from blogpost to WordPress -thanks to my friend-. I remember spending my time wondering around this platform, learning how to use it, changing my blog theme several time just for the ‘feels like home’ feelings but end up in frustration because I feel that blogspot is much easier to renovate.

I finally gave up on making my blog looks good and begin to do what can makes me feel like home. Writing is always on top of the list, obviously. I wrote everything that came into my mind and if I have nothing, I just take a shoot of something and post it. As simple as that. After all, people said that ‘A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words’.If you ever found a post with only a picture in it with only a line or two as description, you caught me then 😉

2nd place goes to …… searching blogs that fascinates me in anyway and absorb every words they wrote. 1st blog I followed from WordPress was NOTYOURAVERAGECROCHET by Hanna Davis. I LOOOOVEEE all of her knitting stuff. Then I met this blog of Janine Russel which talk about her life and her anxiety. Her blog called sitdownatatypewriterandbleed. The way she wrote about her anxiety was so easy to read and off course to understand. Even for someone like me who never know what is anxiety or how to cope with it. Her blog is like an eye opening for me. After her, I follow several more blogs which talked about anxiety. I followed around 50 more blogs. Each one of them inspires me in many ways. Some inspires me in crafting, some inspires me in how they see life with positive sight. Each one of them brings their own color into my life.

Now, after 4 years of ups and downs, I’m still in love with blogging and even more. I still wanna write and write and hoping there will lots of eye opening moment for me from blogging.

Happy 4th Anniversary my dearest blog.

Let us do some more fun 😉wp Love,



10 thoughts on “It’s Been Four Years

  1. A good read. I enjoyed your previous post too. I am going through something similar. I was well-off with Blogger until my friend recommended me to migrate. Now I am glad he did. Enjoying 101, interaction, feedback and learning. Such a nice experience. I wish you many more wonderful years of blogging and writing Amanda! Thanks 🙂

  2. I would like to wish you a belated Happy Annivarsary with And happy to know you as one of the family of bloggers in blogging 101. Congrats on hitting the 4th Year Mark.

    Just last month I too hit my 3rd year blogging and its a joy and wonderous feeling. And hoping to meet other bloggets who have hit the 5th to 10th year of blogging.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Best Regards

    Psst~ don’t forget to visit our blog at

  3. Four years is just the most amazing effort – congratulations :). You have such a lovely blog here you should be so happy with what you have accomplished! I’ve just gotten into crocheting myself, so thank you for liking that very first blog so that I can go check it out now.

    • Hi..
      Thank you so much. You have a wonderful blog too. I really wanna try your recipes. Especially for the snacks and noodles. I wish I could find the ingredients here in my country.

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