{Life List}: Have My Hair Dyed

In my daily life, I wear hijab which cover my head, hair and around it. I’ve been wearing it since quite a long time now. And since I decided to do so, some of my friend (moslem and non moslem) tend to think that I don’t have to worried about my hair. Every time they found out that I wanna have my hair cut, they will raise their eyebrow and ask: ‘Why? No one would see it anyway.’


Sometimes it’s annoying. I mean, even though no one would see it in my daily life like at work or mall BUT I DO see it every time I take it off when I’m at home or when I take wudhu or at least when ever I wanna fix my hijab. You can call me selfish, but since this is my hair, so obviously my opinion is important than others.

I’m still trying to LOVE myself unconditionally especially after listening to Louise Hay in youtube few month a go. But even in the past, when I complained a lot about myself, criticized myself, there’s still a part of me who believe that I’m the one who have to please myself.

When ever I have my hair cut, it’s because I want it and feel happy about it. Same goes with have my hair dyed. I wanna give it a try since I NEVER did it. I did it for myself, for my own happiness. That new hair was to pay off my curiosity. Even though I only dyed it with the almost same color tone of my real hair and still try gather my strength to dyed it in bold color or something totally different with my own hair. All of that effort was and will be for myself and not just to please others.

I remember few months a go I watched a local movie titled “Kapan Kawin” or with you try to translated in English it might say “When Will You Get Married”. In one of scene the Male Actor said to the Female that if you wanna give a check to someone, make sure that you have the money in your account. If you wanna make someone happy then you HAVE to be happy first. How come you expect others to be happy if you, yourself feeling the opposite way. So, even with this hijab on my head, I deserve to be happy with my hair. I have right to do everything I need to make me feel happy about myself. Including have my hair dyed even though no one will ever see it. I can see it and that’s enough.




4 thoughts on “{Life List}: Have My Hair Dyed

  1. hey i don’t know if you ever do Henna tattoos but be careful because the henna ink makes hair dyes dangerous… its probably not a thing for you at all but just in case it is … be careful!

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