{Blogging101}: A (New) Name to Share

Coffee and Rain, a perfect combination to create a story ~ Amanda

This 2nd day assignment is quite hard for me. It’s like a nightmare actually. Before this task, my Blog name was exactly the same as my blog address : MeandMySpicyLife and its tagline; Random Sight of My Every Day Life. The reason was so simple. Most of my post are about what I see and feel in my daily life. A random of ordinary thing which touch my heart with its special way. Now, I have to change it. I wonder, will I found a ‘perfect’ answer for this 2nd assignment?


This blog is not the only blog I have. I actually have another one which I wrote in Bahasa. Yes, it’s easier to pen down in my own language. I can expressed myself in a better way. But as a citizen of the world, at least I have to understand one of international language ever. One thing I noticed from both blog I had, I always introduce myself as a coffee and rain lover. Even in my instagram, I describe myself as ‘a coffee and rain lover’

Coffee and Rain. Two things that always have a special place in my heart. In most of the time, I enjoy them separately. A cup off coffee for a every occasion in any kind of weather. While Pouring rain; zillion drops of blessing from GOD. 1000% depends on GOD’s will.

Sometimes, when I’m lucky enough, I’ll have them both in one place. When coffee meets rain, that’s when the magic begins. This is it. My Blog Title and Tagline.

What do you think?!


6 thoughts on “{Blogging101}: A (New) Name to Share

  1. It’s seem that your problem is the same with me. I just started writing a blog a few days ago and only has come up with only two post. And i participated in Blogging 101 Course too. But i still haven’t been able to decide what Tag line is the best for me. I will look forward for your post in the future. 🙂

  2. oh wow i love the tag line and the title it makes me think of being cozy in the house while it rains outside enjoying a cup of coffee…. this is sheer genius at work… i’m starting to think that I should update mine (i was very happy with it when day 2 of #Blogging101 started.

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