My Crochet Story

Inspired by one of post in jadeybirdcrochet so today I wanna share about my crochet story. Here we go ….


I knew crochet years ago. I learned it from my grandma or Yangti. A short for Eyang Putri -that’s how most of Javanese called their grandma-. Back then, I was a boyish little gal who loves climbing on a tree instead of playing with dolls. I love playing with boys instead of gals because for me, gals was so irritating. Well, they do cry a lot. I got lots of spank on my butt because I didn’t want to take a nap. Boy I was so naughty as a kid. Both my parents were worker so I spend most of my times with Yangti, my half Dutch half Indonesian grandma. I thanked GOD for that.

She’s totally the kind of grandma, that you wish to be when you’re grown up. A good cooker, baker, crafter just name it. Seems that she has a magic wand which make magical things happen around the house. From delicious food on the table, up to beautiful rose in our tiny garden. Not only that, but she’s also a good listener, wise by nature, and ultimate supporter for every crazy ideas you have in mind.topi

Long story short…

She was the one who teach me how to crochet with the only yarn I know back then. Wool. I crocheted doily for my 1st lesson and somehow, I always pull the yarn too tight so what I got was a crinkle or puffy doily instead of a flat one. Yangti never gave up on me. She taught me one row at a time until I finally made a flat doily. I supposed Barbie is always a fave figure doll for every gal. Even a boyish gal like me, wanted at least one barbie doll. When my mommy refused to buy me a one, Yangti teach me how to crochet a barbie dress along with its accessories such as bag and summer hat. We made it in various colors and then she gave me an idea to sell it to my school mates. FYI, We use a fake barbie as mannequin. Within a month, I have enough money to buy a real barbie. At that time, I lost my desires for barbie and end up buying manga, a Japanese comic.

For all these years, crochet had help me trough so many ups and down in life. Oh yes, there was a time where I totally forget about crochet but yet, universe always has its own way to hook you up with what you love. Every time I missed Yangti, I grab my rusty hook. It was my very 1st hook ever. She bought them from our local market, just for me. I just hold them in my hands, remembering all of the good times I had with her. When ever I’m feeling blue, I just take out all my stashes and re-arrange them. Bright colors are totally an awesome healer for me.

I will never ever get bored on crochet even though I can only do it ONLY a row in a day.

What about you?? Do you think you’ll ever bored crocheting??




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