Wanna Try My Eid Cookie??

Late Post (again)

Eid is always been a perfect time for me to make a mess in my tiny kitchen. Not for cooking though. Cooking is my mom’s thing. Totally not mine. As always.. one of fave cookies for Eid is Nastar. A round shape cookies filled with pineapple jam. What makes my Nastar special is that we made our own pineapple jam. Never ever we bought from store.

When I was a kid, I hate baking nastar because it took a long time to shape the dough. WHY? Because after filling the pineapple jam to the dough, it wasn’t enough to just shape it round like a ball. Oh no. We had to shape it again like a leaf. And it took a lot of time. I often negotiate so I didn’t have to bake that cookies. And now, years later… I only shape it round and put a clove on the top of it. But you wont find any clove in this pic. We ran of it and to lazy to go to the market.


Another modification we made was by filling the dough with chocolate when we ran out of pineapple jam. Turned out that people like it a lot. Yeay for me. Hehehe!!


Last but not least… this so called Putri Salju or Snow White if you translated into English. We always LOVE it. I usually add crunched almond or cashew in the dough. Sometimes we even add cheese too. So yum yum yummy.


What about you? What’s your Eid cookies??




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