Hi Routine!! Welcome Back

It’s 4.16 PM as I write this post.

1st day at work after a week off for Eid. And I strangely love working again even though waking up early in the morning was quite a struggle for me. Especially with this severe cough I had for these past few days -all I want is laying on bed or sit quietly with a cup of hot lemon tea in my hand- I still enjoying my day, back to my old routine. Too bad for my colleagues, they have to listen to my cough all day. So sorry folks.

Arrived around 9.30, I really enjoy the moment where there was NO traffic jam at all. I really wish that someday, there will be no traffic jam at all here in Jakarta. Well… you can call me a day dreamer for wishing this, but I can have a dream. Can’t I?

When I finally sat on my chair, facing my laptop, I realize that.. So quite in here. I noticed that,  not so many people around.  I think most of them are still taking days off. Probably this part of 4th floor will be normal next Monday. Checking on my email, nothing’s really important about work. Just few notifications of company’s website. And as I wrote this, there was only 1 new email today. Hmm… life is beautiful, isn’t it??

Anyway… hows your Eid Holiday? Are you at work now? Or .. still extending your holiday somewhere?




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