Free Takjil

Late Post

Ramadan is always be a perfect moment to upgrade our faith, our imaan, and our love and compassion to others. Not only to others who has less, but also for others that we care even though we don’t know them personally.

In this precious month of Ramadan, me and my friends will held an event. Break Fasting with 70 orphanage from Al. Munasharoh Foundation. And we simply wanna share this good news to other people who might be interested in joining us. Whether by donating their money, or maybe by joining in the event or even simply by wishing us good luck.

And our simple thought is, if you wanna gain something good, that you have to do good. Your effort must be done in a good way too. Do you agree? Hmm.. or maybe you have different opinion? Please kindly share to us.

Anyway… so on June 20, 2015; we were giving free takjil, snack for iftar to people on the road. At first we just giving it to people in the gas station, then we started to walk down the street. It was a simple snack consist of Lontong, Fried Stuffed Tofu and a glass of mineral water. We packed them in a small transparent plastic, and we attached a small flier of our Break fasting event so people would know about it.



We’re expect nothing. From the moment I announce this idea of giving away free takjil, I told them that I don’t expect people to suddenly donating their money or so. I just wanna let people know that we’re exist. That we, as a young generation (so as we called) are care enough. As simple as that.


And even we have to get through a long and windy road, we will do it anyway. And even when we have to conquer our own fear. Just like when few people waving their hand, telling us that they don’t want any of our snack. Just like when people avoiding us when we’re approaching them, try to hand them our snack. We don’t give a damn. We will just trying our best to a better us. We will just move forward.



We believe that nothing is worthless in the eye of Allah. Every good deed will be counted. Even every good intention will be counted. Every effort will be counted. So.. We say bismillah .. we smile, and leave our fear and hesitation behind. We move forward and didn’t look back.


~And The Story Goes~



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