Plan VS Reality

One of valuable lesson is life is that sometimes, our plan doesn’t always meet the reality. Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, no matter how well we plan it or picture it in mind, the reality can comes in different form.

As what happened last week. Before I tell you, allow me to inform you that on July 5th, 2015; me and my 502 will held and event. It will be a breakfasting with 60 orphanage from Al. Munasharoh Foundation. Therefore, these past few weeks we’re trying to find some money for the event. We announce it on facebook and many other social media. We also share the news to our family and friends. Bottom line is, we do anything for the fund raising.


One of my friend, Fadly had an idea to sell takjil. For you whose not familiar with Ramadan in Indonesia, takjil is the term we use to call every snack for breakfasting (iftar). It can be Indonesian snack like ‘gorengan’ (fried snack) or sweet porridge or any kind of light food we have for breakfasting.

So, he already has a picture in his mind to sell Kolak (sweet dessert made from palm/coconut sugar, coconut milk, pandan, banana, cassava, pumpkin and sometimes kolang-kaling) and Es Buah (just consider it as fruit cocktail). The plan is to put it in plastic cup, and sell it. More over, in his positive mind, if we provide 100 cups of tajkil, we can sell 99 of it and will only 1 left. Yup. ONLY 1. He’s a positive person, right?!

We finally arrange a table near Eva’s house (Eva’s mom and aunty help us to cook those Kolak) and put all Kolak & Es Buah. Hmm.. now, all we have to do it try to sell all of them.


Can we make it??

Well… let us continue read.

Time goes by… and still no one bought our takjil. Well, so far only Eva’s mom and relatives bought from us. Hmm.. I think they feel sorry since no one bought it. Thank you aunties …

And the man with a BIG plan, seems shock with this situation. I think he’s not ready with the fact that so far what just happened was the opposite from his plan.


Luckily, there were lots of good friend among us who willing to help. They come and help without hesitation. We just divided ourselves into 2 group. One was stayed in our so called booth. And the other group just following Eva’s bf’s idea to sell it directly. So we walk along the pavement .. offering it to pedestrians. Well basically sell to every one we met, along the road. Not an easy thing to do if you never do something like this before. Especially when people rejecting you the moment they see you coming towards them. Sometimes even worst, the just wave their hand without saying anything. Well, rejection is just part of life, right?!

While .. Human is an amazing creature who will try to do anything to reach they goal.

So here’s so picture on how we try to sell. Unfortunately, we were busy laughing so we forget to took a shoot of some crazy moment.


2 Couples, working together.


Thanks for shopping …


Eventually, right before time for break fasting, we can sell it all. Even though some of us also bought it for our self, for our family back home. You see.. reality sometimes heading to the opposite way from our plan. Don’t be sad or angry. Don’t hesitate yourself. Just make some adjustments, some improvements. Who knows, at the end, the result will be amazingly great.

And finally…. Happy faces.


~And The Story Goes~



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