Late Post: Another Home Called SIGEB

Last time I wrote here, I’ve told you that my class were divided into two. Some of us, were staying in Sigea while the rest (including me) were staying in Sigeb class. Honestly, it’s not an easy thing for me as I always consider myself as a person who can’t easily mingle or fit in, in a new crowd.

Maybe… just maybe, I’m exactly like what my zodiac sign said:


I already feel safe and settled with 502. As simple as that.

So the struggle begin. Adjusting myself to a new class, new people, new social rules. All back to square one. And it wasn’t easy, having a group of new faces staring at you when you enter the room on the very 1st day. it wasn’t easy having people secretly looking at you, every time you say something.

On the very 1st week, all I did was staring at my watch every now and then, hoping that the break time finally arrive. All I did was wondering about my 502 friends. What were they doing or thinking? Did they feel the same as I did. Felt that something’s missing. Gosh..  I missed every laugh, every arguments with them. I missed them as if we’ve not seen each other for decades. And when I can finally see them on lunch time, I feel relieved. Call me weird, call me mellow, I didn’t care at all.

Later in the evening, my heart flies as I open the door. I never imagined nor expected that they would be there, sitting on the floor in front of my new class. Yet, they were there, waiting. I felt save. I felt home. As simple as that.

It’s been nearly 3 months.

I admit that I still miss my ‘502’ friends. I admit that I’m still searching for natural chemistry with my new friends, my new class. I admit that even at this moment, I still can’t remember all of their names nor faces. I admit all of that. Yet, I also admit that I’ve try my best to be accept the fact that some things are changing now. And have 2 choices. To accept that fact and do what ever I could to make it work, or to drawn myself into never ending misery. And I made up my mind. I have chosen the 1st one.

Yes, its kinda scary… but I always believe that every thing happens for a reason. Including this situation, this separation. But just like what they say…. Life must go on.

These past month, as I start to open my heart to this new situation, I eventually found some good people who gave me new perspectives of life, of friendship. And I’m very grateful for that.

I still Love, adore, respect my 502 friends. No one will ever replace them. Not in a million years. I love them as dearly as always. I wish.. and I think universe will somehow granted my wish, that someday soon… we all can be good friends.

After all…





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