502 1st Anniversary

Late Post:

March 28, 2015; A special day which we’ve been longing for. A day of celebration. A day of ultimate happiness. A day where we are finally 1 step closer to our goal.

Weeks before, we planned a party.  Everything was set. We’ve found the place, we’ve agreed to play a game and even prepared a gift. And then, a bad news came. We wont be in the same class again. They separated us into two. There will be no more SIGEC, only SIGEA and SIGEB. We were shocked. We were sad. We were devastated. We got scared. We don’t know what will happen in the future with our new classmates. Are they good? Can we get a long fine with them? Can they accept us? or .. Can we accept them? Those were some questions which popped out from our head at that time. Hanging around in our head for so many days.

And finally … the date was came.

March 28, 2015

It was a long day. It was like forever, before I can finally went out and met my friends. Yes my 502 friends. My heart smiled when I saw half of my friends sitting on the floor. Waiting for the rest of us. I felt joy. I wont shared the details of my feelings on that day. Allow me to write another post. This post will only talk about our 1st Anniversary.

The anniversary was took place in Dadho’s place. Well, it was actually his relative’s place which located around Pamulang, not very far from campus. We went there by bike, in a small convoy. It was magrib when we arrived and after a quick preparation, we finally started it.

Like any other event, we surely needs, a host. We choose Budi and you know what?! He kinda nailed it. Therefor,  when ever you need a host, you can surely contact him ;). Anyway… we started the Party with some speech. First was from the President of 502. While listening to him, my mind flew back. It was like watching movies in my mind. And every single scene, brings out memories. Gosh!! Time really flies so fast.

Now, about the celebration.

As I mentioned earlier, we started it with opening from The President of 502, then one of my classmate (or should I say former classmate) Fadly, gave speech also. It was a heart breaking moment, listening to how he felt about our situation now. And how he and the rest of 502 who moved to SIGEA will try their best to cope with the new class and new friends. It wont be easy, I know. But yet.. life must go on. And I always believe that every thing happens for a reason.


Focus on the speech…


We have said what we want and need to say. And next was…. Dinner!! It was a simple dinner consist of Junk Food. Hahaha.. !! Let us forget diet or healthy food for a while… coz it’s PARTY TIME!!!

Well.. we all full. Full of food and snack. Now…. Gaming Time!!!

Hmm.. we all agreed to prepare a gift and a task for truth or dare game. I never really enjoy gaming but yet, in the name of togetherness, I prepared a gift and a task. I never expect that my task finally became a perfect closure.

You know.. it was hilariously funny, watching each one of my friends doing their task. From acting to singing. And even took a weird pic as its task. Hahaha.. completely awesome!! Thanks GOD, every one was enjoying the game. Even me. Too bad that there were still some 502 member who couldn’t join this celebration.

Maybe these pics can give you a glimpse on how awesome it was.



Need some more??? Watch this one ..

Have seen it?? Really fun isn’t it??

Feels like yesterday.. we were laughing and having fun together. We are few rooms apart now, but yet, we are always together in heart.

For when two beings who are not friends are near each other there is no meeting, and when friends are far apart there is no separation.

Happy 1st anniversary Rangers
May our dream come true
~Love you all… as always~

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