Rainy New Year

Light rain following me as I walked out from work around 6.30PM and still following me as I jump on the bus. Tired.. sleepy.. Wish that there’s Doraemon’s door somewhere so I could just open it and be at home instantly. But then again, Doraemon is just a character in Japanese Cartoon. And in reality, there’s no such a thing like instant door. None. Zero.

So.. I have to walk through the rain to reach home. Well.. I stopped by to Giant and Carefour first to buy some fruits for my infused water. Then when I checked my phone I realized that there’s a missed call from a friend and turned out that we’re in same area.

Yeah.. we finally met and had dinner (actually a super late lunch for me) and talked. Not really a fun new year, right?! I don’t know.. but this was what I like. Far away from crowded street, noisy fire cracker and loud music. Hey… it wasn’t because of my age. For the record, I’m still quite young ;). I just don’t really like the euphoria of new year. Sometimes it was just too much fun, too much wasted.

Anyway… I wish you have a pleasant new year as pleasant as I had yesterday. And since we all have a brand new 365 of days, let us use it wisely. How about that?!




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