My 1st

Late Post

Alhamdulillah… I finally received my 1st paycheck from my new job. This time I spent most of all for treating my parents, paying some debt which I had when I was unemployed and… fulfilling some promises to ALLAH. You know… it was great to be able to work again. It was great to feel useful again. Even though I still earn some money when I was unemployed, but still…

I don’t know about the future #hey..who does? but yet… I’m feeling such a new hope in this company. I feel like a young gal again. A gal with hopes and dreams and will try her best to reach it. I feel reborn. Even my best friend said that I’m changing. Yesterday when we finally met after quite a while, she said that I was cheerful than ever. She even said that my face was glowing. Hmm.. I never really realize that. However… it was to hear positive thing from someone who really know me. And for those positive changes, I thanked ALLAH with all my heart. All happened because of ALLAH’s mercy and ALLAH’s will.

All I can is that… I’m Blessed.



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