{Late Post}: Random Thing on Sept

Why can’t I make some time for posting?? Why do I have to wait until I start to forget things that already happened weeks ago? Why?? Why???

Anyway… here’s some things that happened to me..

1. I crocheted some hoodie that suitable for those who cover their hair just like me. Quite fun.. and got some money from it since my friends ordered it from me. But it’s not my pattern though. A fellow crafter published a crochet book with that hoodie pattern in it.

2. Finally passed my final exam for this 1st semester with 1 C. Gosh!! Still can’t believe that I got C in that subject.  It will be a lot easier to accept when that C belongs to vocabulary subject rather than speaking. Oh well.. it’s already happened anyway.

3. I passed my Dutch exam. Now officially in A2 class. But still don’t know whether I can continue that course for next term. Maybe I have to postponed it for a while.

4. Sadly had to cancel my Pari Trip with the gang. Something urgent came up. And so envy to those who made it to Pari Island.

Some pictures of the trip. Hiks.. (courtesy to Dadho for these pics).




Someday… I will visit that island. Will write it down to my life list.

4. I missed my grandma a lot. Missed her cook, her wisdom and the way she laugh that always brighten my day. Really missed you Yangti ♡♡♡

and now I start to cry. So I guess I have to end this post now. I mean… these alphabet start to blur now.

Happy Monday all.



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