Burned Flower

I Love Crafting. So far I can crocheting, knitting (just a little bit) and also cross-stitching. I haven’t done the last one for a very long time since it’s kinda hurt my eyes when I did it. But I will surely cross-stitching again in the future. And last month, I tried something new. It was…

Burned Frower. I search for its tutorial from youtube and turned out that some local crafter in my country sell it learning package so I bought it and tried it at home. Did I succeed?? 2014-06-21 21.50.41 2014-06-22 03.39.09 20140626_231606[1] Well… what can I say. I wasn’t succeed in making flower that shown in youtube nor the learning package that I bought but at least it was shaped like flower. So far I tried 4th time and the result was always different from one to another #sigh. Hmmm.. still curious and wanna try some more. Wish me luck ^^




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