JOGJA: A Trip to Heal

Last February I went to Jogjakarta with my best friend. We’ve planned the trip since last year but yet we postpone it because she has a wedding to plan. And after became someone’s wife, I’m sure she has to talk about the plan with her hubby. Since I know all the story about her and her future hubby, I don’t think we can make that plan happened.

But universe has has its own plan. Their wedding plan is off and my best friend wants to go ASAP. She needs sometime to escape before facing all the ‘WHY’ questions from people about her wedding plan. So.. we finally went to JOGJAKARTA for 3 days and stayed in one of my friend’s house. Actually we want to stay in hotel, but my friend insisted that I have to stay in her house, at Kasongan Village.

We went straight from work to Gambir Station. Yep!! We decided to start this trip with night train. trip after so many years. Totally FUN although we don’t have enough time to visit all good places in Jogjakarta, like Borobudur Temple. And even there’s moment when my friend felt gloomy #some of the things she saw in Jogja just remind her to her ex’s. but overall I LOVE this short trip.

These are our pics at Gambir Station. From the moment we printed out ticket (It’s a self printing now), until the moment we sat down on train. And let’s the journey begin…..

Day 1
Exploring Musium Kereta and Keraton
We’re so lucky to have Pak Suyatno as our Guide. He explained every details of every Royal Carriages. Not only about the history itself, but also the story and even myth behind those Royal Carriages.

Museum Kereta

Kereta Kencana


Day 2
Exploring MIROTA and BringHarjo Market.
MIROTA BATIK is like a one stop shopping centre for you who want to buy something that reminded you of Jogja and it’s not only BATIK. Borobodur-style stupa paperweights, bamboo wind chimes, or wooden accessories like bangles or necklace. And even household items like rattan tray. A great place to visit if you don’t have much time for shopping.

Wanna try your bargain ability?? Just visit Beringharjo Market which open until 16.00 pm. You can find BATIK (clothes, fabric, bags) and traditional snacks here.


At night, we visited Alun-alun. It’s so different, visiting alun-alun during the day and at night. During the day, you’ll only see a large empty field. So boring. But at night, it’s so colorful and crowded. I didn’t took any picture of Alun-alun during the day, but yet… here are some picture at night.


At Alun-alun, you will find 2 Big and very old trees. We called it BERINGIN. There’s a myth, if you can walk through those 2 trees with your eyes closed, what you for may come true. My friend was so excited to try it. She even try it for several times and failed. There’s a time when she ALMOST did it. I mean, she already stand between those 2 big trees and somehow she feels in-confident because she step on water (it’s raining few hours before) so she turned around and walk a few step and opened her eyes. And she regrets it all night. She even cry a little. Watching her like that, I think I know what she wished for. Try to cheer her up.. but.. it even get worst when I tried my luck and succeed on my 2nd time trying.


Thanks GOD she didn’t mourning for long. She finally smile again even though I know that there’s tears inside her heart. But then again.. life must go on right?! Who knows.. maybe she’ll meet her Prince Charming soon ^^ (Aameen).

So… that was the story about our short trip to Jogja. We planned to visit another city soon.

See you then..





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