Random Thing on My WeekEnd ;)

It’s been a great and quite tiring weekend for me.

On Friday night, helping mom with this cake called Kue Lumpur. If I translated in to English, it will called as Mud Cake. Sounds bad isn’t it?! But this actually made from potato. We baked this cake late on Friday Night so my mom can bring it on Saturday Morning to her friend’s house for Pengajian. And pengajian is where moslem people gathered to read the Holy Qur’an and praise Allah the Almighty.

Kue Lumpur

Kue Lumpur

Since my mom was away on Saturday.. so I spent the whole day alone. It was fun actually. Just crafting alone with the music on. And I finally finished this Hello Kitty Earflap in one day. Seem slow progress right? But I’m glad that I could finished this in a day.


And when I was hungry and craving for snack,  I ate this cute pirate from my nephew’s goodie bag for his 1st B’day Party. Sorry Pirate, I know you’re way to cute.. but what can I say.. I’m craving for snack and you’re the only one around 😉


Last but not least… spend my Sunday with my Uplines and Downlines attending Welcome Party for New Member @ Oriflame Sudirman. Purple every where 😉

PicMonkey Collage

So.. really a fun weekend. Hows your??



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