Mini Baby Set Package

It’s Monday again!! Gosh I really wish I could say I LOVE Monday, but it’s kinda hard to say this week. I was late this morning. I woke up on 7.45am (while I was suppose to go for work at that hour).

Why am I late?? Well… same old story. I had difficult time to sleep after finishing a pair of booties. Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties  from Repeat Crafter Me.

I fall in love with that booties since the 1st time I found it on web. But I rather pessimist to make it because I rarely crocheted booties (somehow I tend to crochet them with different size. Maybe because my tension every time I pull out the yarns). Really have to work hard to keep my tension steady.

Now.. please take a look on my booties.


White Softy Cotton from Thalenta

Green Indonesian Cotton from Thalenta

Clover Hook 7/00

Button from coconut shell

Cuffed Booties

And now.. do you remember my Rainbow Earflap which I post weeks a go? I finally get rid off those hanging yarns. Honestly, it took quite a lot of effort in doing it. But I think it’s worth a lot.

rainbow earflap

And now.. I combine those 2 and turn them into a mini baby set package. Guess what?!?! It was sold to a friend whose looking for a gift. Yay!!!

Mini Baby Package

And after succeding in crocheting this Cuffed Booties, I feel like wanna crochet more and more. Zillion thanks to Sarah from RepeatCrafterMe for her adorable and easy to do booties pattern.

Happy Crafting All.



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