Drawstring Pouch

Few weeks ago I stumble to a web site called sayverysweetthings and found beautiful drawstring bag which crocheted from left over yarns.

I really love those 2 drawstring bag. It was so simple but yet so so beautiful. And since I have lots of left over yarns, I just try to crochet it. I made 2 drawstring pouch –I call it pouch because I made it in small size.

Drawstring Pouch

I crocheted them using Local Cotton from Thalenta –except for that open mesh on the small pouch-. That gold yarn is from Miki Moko but I forgot what kind of yarn that was while a pouch base is Blend Local Cotton from Thalenta.

This small one is 8,7 x 11cm

Small Pouch

8,7 x 11 cm

while this one is 9,5 x 14cm

9,5 x 14 cm

9,5 x 14 cm

Really really easy but still look beautiful and also cute.

You know what.. I think it would be perfect for a wedding souvenirs 😉

Happy crafting all ^_^



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