My Basic Crochet Course

It’s 3.11 pm now and the weather change so quickly from hot to rain. I know that I’m suppose to be working on something but what can I say, my desktop was in ‘blue screen’ mode while my printer suddenly hang. I really have no idea why. So here I am sitting in my cubicle, listening to the rain while try to write something for my blog.

Okay.. wont share anything much today. Just wanna post 2 pictures from my course session (I’ve been teaching the lady next door on how to crochet). Actually she already finished her 3x lesson on basic crochet and succeed in crocheting a triangle shawl. Too bad I can’t post it in this blog because she’s still too embarrassed to show her works 😦

After succeeding in making shawl, then she started to crocheted a hat for his daughter who looooveeeesss Korean Drama. The idea for the hat is from Korean. She o

nly show me the picture of a young gal wearing this hat and I really have no clue. So I just try to make something similar or at least look a like with what I saw.

So at first, I made this 2 color hat while teaching her. But I didn’t finish it and just made another one with using only 1 color. Why?? My mommy said that so she will know the result since she plan to crocheting the hat by using only 1 color. Well.. my mommy got the point right.


So I’m made another one with a pale green color. At 1st I just crocheted it without any ear flap but since my neighbor (Mrs. Mega) wanted to know how was it with an ear flap, I just did it. Haven’t got the chance to finish it though.


Well…she already finish her (without pompom and ear flap) but still .. I’m not allowed to take a pic of it. *sigh*

Anyway… my personal lesson in giving a course was….. It took a lot of patience in teaching someone. And remember that every one is unique and we need to find a unique way for each person so they could understand things that we hoped to teach. 

Anyway…. Happy crafting friends.




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