I Need that ‘I’m Better than You’ Feeling Sometimes

I put a happiest smile on my faceI laugh out loud on every jokes and I make people laugh at my jokes.

They told me their problems and I would listen to them with all my ear.
Giving advise when they want it and just shut my mouth up when it needed.

They think I’m strong, they think I don’t have bad day in.

Well they’re wrong.

The happiest smile is a fancy wrap for my sadness and anxiety.

Laughing is just the only thing I know to prevent me from bursting in tears and joking is my way to feel alive.

I listen to you, I do.  Call me selfish but SOMETIMES, I do it just to feel better. Knowing that other people also had problem. Even when it seems easier than what I got. Even when it seems that their problem is just nothing compared to mine. Even if I’m the only one who think that way.

Yes… I need that ‘My LIFE is BETTER than others’ feeling sometimes.



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