5 Easy Ways To Make Your Blog More Interesting

LOVE this one. Too bad I found this after I create a blog 😀

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. --Ernest Hemingway

Don’t let your blog feel uninspired. Here’s a few things I see all the time that are, in my humble opinion, really boring on a blog, and easy fixes to make your blog have a bigger impact.

1. Blog Names

It bother’s me when I go to someone’s blog and see it’s called “Jimmy’s Blog”, or whoever. No offense to Jimmy, but I don’t know him and therefore have no reason to be curious about what he has to say. Also, a statement that this is Jimmy’s blog gives me absolutely no idea what the blog is about. Don’t keep me guessing. Pick a statement to say what your blog is about, and make sure it is easy to find so that your readers will want to read more about your topic, or what you’re generally trying to do. And keep in mind that this isn’t just a diary about…

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